Like all RPGs, the hardest part in World of Warcraft: Legion is creating you characters. The thought of us spending thousands of hours on a character and not being happy with it, is the most stressful part of the start to any game. It took us around an hour to decide on a character in World of Warcraft: Legion.

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Do not fear though, as it is much easier than it looks. Although the decisions are tough, the process of creating a character in World of Warcraft: Legion is pretty simple. We have a guide to creating the perfect character depending on your play style and what you want to get out of World of Warcraft: Legion.

What To Consider

Before jumping into the character creation menu, it is important to know what you want in the game and how you plan on playing World of Warcraft. Sure, it might be an early decision to make, but it will help you along the way. Will you be playing the entire game solo, will you be raiding, or will you be going up against other players? All these things need to be taken into consideration when creating a character.

World of Warcraft: Legion

Then again, we have our well-rounded characters like the Shaman, who can heal, and deal damage per second (DPS), making it a great choice if you are tackling World of Warcraft alone.

DPS, Healer, Support, Tank

World of Warcraft: Legion

All these terms which are are so intimidating. Well, they are pretty simple to understand, and when you know what each one means, you will have a better time creating a character to play in World of Warcraft. Like all MMOs, World of Warcraft’s character classes revolve around three trees.


World of Warcraft: Legion

Damage dealers are the high damage characters. Mages and Hunters for example, are damage dealers as they stand at the back and attack, doing great damage. There are different types of damage dealers in the game, and just because you use magic, does not mean you are not one of them. Melee classes such as the Rogue, Warrior, Paladin, Druid and Death Knight are also classed as damage dealers (DPS).


World of Warcraft: Legion

We all need a little support in our lives, and in World of Warcraft, the support classes are important to keeping your group alive. A support class deals less damage and has less damage abilities, but at the time a support class has the ability to stay alive for longer, and keep others alive too.  Support classes also have the ability to use certain defensive buffs on characters. These buffs will come in handy during raids and dungeons, as they will give the edge to group that they just might need.


World of Warcraft: Legion

Just as its name describes, the tank class will head into battles before the other players to absorb damage and distract the enemies. Tank classes have high defensive skills, and a great amount of health. Their abilities also let them move around faster, and be used as the bait when the rest of the party is in trouble. Paladins, Death Knights, Monks, and Warrior, all have tank characteristics and abilities.

Hybrid Classes

World of Warcraft: Legion

Many of the classes in World of Warcraft are hybrids, which means that they are basically a merge of healer, tank, and damage dealer. The Shaman for example is a great character for someone who wants to solo most of the game as it can heal itself, while at the same time deal great damage. Mages also offer great damage with some cool support spells. The best thing we can recommend, is that once you have decided on what direction you want to go in, do a little research on what else this class offers.


World of Warcraft: Legion

Then we have our specialisations, which are like branch skills that you can go into when you reach certain levels. These specialisations might change your character completely as he or she now becomes more support-driven compared to the previous DPS class you knew. This is a nice way to change your character once you realise that its current skill set and abilities, are not working for you. An example is a Shaman, who, after a while can branch out into full support from DPS, or move into totems which will help by buffing characters in the game.


World of Warcraft: Legion

We know it might be tough deciding on what to choose, but feel free to create multiple characters to get a feeling on what works best for you. The biggest thing in World of Warcraft, is that you need to know what you want from the game in the long run, and that will help drive your character creation and decisions. With World of Warcraft: Legion out, you can now try any class at level 100 to see what they will feel like come end game.

New to World of Warcraft: Legion? Be sure to check out our beginners guide to the game. World of Warcraft: Legion is out now on PC and Mac, get yours HERE.

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