Beards made a massive comeback thanks to hipsters who made the facial fashion statement cool again. If you’d like to take your beard game to a whole new level then you need to start accessorizing with beard jewelry.

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Beard Jewelry

Krato Milano realized that people would soon be wanting to bling up their bears and has offered exclusive beard jewelry for individuals rocking facial hair. These tiny beard jewelry items feature facial accessories inspired by iconic symbols of style and self-expression like skulls, anchors, and crystals. The fun thing about the beard jewelry collection is that these accessories are so tiny and cool that you’ll be able to mix and match a few to create the perfect individual look for yourself.

If you’re keen on this unique form of facial fashion accessorizing then you can pre-order your beard jewelry on Kickstarter until 03 November 2016. Shipment of this cool and unique range of beard jewelry is scheduled for December 2016, making them the perfect Christmas gifts for the bearded buddies in your life or yourself. You could even wear them in your hair if you’re unable to grow a beard.


This interesting line of beard jewelry has taken over a year to design, to ensure that each item is unique and beautifully crafted. The triangular clip ensures the item fits securely and stylishly on your facial hair. The clip fastens firmly onto your beard by twisting the spiral and catching a section of hair into its structure. The beard jewelry range was tested on various beard types which differentiated in size, thickness, and texture to ensure anyone can rock them without the fear of losing them. It’s recommended that you have at least 3cm of beard or other facial or body hair available to ensure the clip fits securely.


Drop us a comment and let us know what you think of the beard jewelry from Krato Milano.

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