Cameron van der Burgh, the South African Olympic swimmer recently chatted about fitness and how achieving his fitness goals have changed his life at a launch event for the new Fitbit Charge 2 and Flex 2 devices.

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He explained how getting into the water and being more active and fit helped him deal with his ADHD. He explains how Ritalin made him lazy and sluggish and how swimming encouraged him to get off the couch, get fit, and eat healthily. Cameron van der Burgh discussed how sport is an integral part of his life.

Sport will forever be a part of my life. Will forever be my medication for my ADHD.

He goes on to explain how he is excited to be a Fitbit partner and that the device is a perfect purchase for people keen on achieving their health and fitness goals. Cameron van der Burgh encourages people to purchase the Fitbit to help them achieve their own, unique fitness and health goals.

Cameron van der Burgh explained that he is interested to use the Fitbit to see how he achieved his fitness goals.

I achieved that goal, but how did I achieve that goal? How many metres did I swim? How many calories did I burn? Using this data you can then compare your exercises and keep on improving and reaching new fitness goals.

About Fitbit Charge 2

The Fitbit Charge 2 is the latest in the Fitbit range. The slimmer and waterproof device, tracks steps, distance, and now has a built-in GPS.  The new breathing activity reminds you when to take a moment to relax and take a deep breath. The 5-day battery life, will ensure that you always have the device on you at all times

About Fitbit Flex 2

The Flex 2 tracks steps, distance traveled, calories burned and sleep patterns. The device does not have a screen, but instead uses five lights to convey your goals and the Fitbit app to show off all your activities. Unlike the Fitbit Charge 2, the Flex 2 is more reliant on a smartphone to function fully, and does not have a GPS or heart rate sensors.

Do you feel inspired by how fitness helped Cameron van der Burgh achieve his goals? Tells us what inspires you to achieve your goals and whether you’ll be using a Fitbit device to help you along your path to success.

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