When we got Dragon Quest Builders, a game with the same formula, we hoped it would do everything Minecraft could not do, and more.

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We were pleasantly surprised to find that Dragon Quest Builders is indeed the sandbox creation game we were looking for. With its cute personality, great quest line, and fantastic integration between the Minecraft-like creations and Dragon Quest universe, we couldn’t have hoped for a better experience.

Building A World To Life

Dragon Quest Builders takes place in a beautiful world, where the darkness has taken over the lands. You play as the Builder, who is apparently the only person left in the world with the ability to build things from scratch. An evil power hates the world so much, that he decided to destroy all the creations, and cast a spell that sees all civilization forget what is takes to build things.

Dragon Quest Builders

Without going into too much detail, your character now sets forth into the world, to try to rebuild it. Town by town, you have to venture into some pretty harsh environments to bring new life into the now dark and dreary land. We went from the poison land of Rimuldar, to the dry desert of Tantegel. Each ecosystem looked great and the monsters in them all came from the Dragon Quest universe.


One thing that that Minecraft lacks, is the sense of direction. You will be dropped into this world, and you will have to just do what you need to do to survive. As Dragon Quest Builders has a plot, you will come across a few wonderful characters that will ask you to do things for them. At one stage in our adventure, we were trying to heal a dozen sick people by running around making sardines on a stick, and finding a recipe for a poison remedy.

Dragon Quest Builders

The game is divided up into chapters, each chapter takes place in a new ecosystem that has been so carefully crafted. At the end of each chapter, you will fight a boss using all the crafting knowledge you have obtained in the time you were there, and then move onto a new location. It feels like an RPG, and at the same time a great sandbox open-world adventure. This is what we loved about Dragon Quest Builders the most, as Minecraft lacked this quest for something, and we needed this direction to take us on an adventure.Dragon Quest Builders


We had the world at our fingertips in Dragon Quest Builders, as it drops you into the land, and lets you go wild with what you have at your disposal. Need more earth blocks to craft a master bedroom for you to sleep in? No problem, just bash the ground under you and more will pop up.

Dragon Quest Builders

As we progressed further into Dragon Quest Builder, more and more creations become easier to make. The crafting goes beyond just buildings, as cooking sees you make delicious-looking burgers that fills up your hunger meter. You will also invest time in crafting armor and weapons to take with you when you face the outside world. The more you make, the more you discover, and before you know it, you are cooking on a proper stove that you made from scratch, compared to a shoddy campfire.Dragon Quest Builders

Characters Develop

Dragon Quest Builders is chapter-based, and each chapter lasted us a good 5 hours. The people we met along the way, and the townsfolk, all found a place in our hearts. We would start to love being around them, and learning a bit about their background and beliefs. So much so, that when it was time to say goodbye to them and move to the next land, we got pretty choked up about it.

Dragon Quest Builders

We would take Dragon Quest Builders over Minecraft any day, as it really managed to find a place in or hearts with its great story, fantastic crafting, cool characters, and beautiful world. Dragon Quest Builders is out now on PS4 and PS Vita.

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