Fitbit has become the obvious choice in the fitness wearables market. However, the brand has so many offerings that, for a first time Fitbit user, the choices could feel complicated. So we decided to simplify it for you and break down 5 reasons why you should get the Fitbit Alta as your next fitness device.

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Fitbit Alta

Fitness devices aren’t always very stylish nor are they always versatile. But the Fitbit Alta chances that by being an awesome piece of jewelry as well as a useful fitness tracker you can wear all the time. With many different bracelets and band options, you’re able to mix and match your Fitbit Alta for any occasion. Because it has such a slim design, it’s able to be a subtle, yet fashionable accessory that goes with everything.

Sleep Tracker

Fitbit Alta

Although many different Fitbit devices like the Fitbit Blaze also tracks your sleep, the Fitbit Alta stands out in terms of its slim, comfortable fit. Thanks to its sleek design, you’re easily able to wear it to bed without it being in the way of a comfortable sleeping position. The Fitbit Alta automatically tracks when you’ve fallen asleep and captures your sleep data and syncs it automatically to your Fitbit app. You’re also able to set a silent alarm to ensure you start your day without waking up your sleeping partner.


The Fitbit Alta is not only stylish but it’s a durable device as well. The Fitbit Alta is water, sweat, rain and splash resistant. This means that you’re truly able to wear this little device all the time, without worrying that it will clash with your outfit or get damaged easily. You’re even able to wear your Fitbit Alta when you hit the showers after a workout or good night’s sleep.

Battery Life

Fitbit Alta

Once again the Fitbit Alta proves that it’s a wearable fitness device that is meant to be worn all the time, thanks to its impeccable battery life. We used it heavily for 4 days straight before having to charge it. It takes very quick to charge too, meaning you can truly track your health and fitness constantly.

Smart Tracking

The Fitbit Alta makes tracking your fitness data a breeze by automatically detecting when you’re doing a certain type of exercise activity. This data is then automatically synced to your Fitbit app, meaning you get a clear and comprehensive overview of your health and fitness status.

Find out where to get your Fitbit Alta HERE.

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