We were lucky to get our hands, well our bodies into a Ford Fiesta, and we made sure to utilize it. We love tech and we wanted to test drive the Ford Sync device built into the Ford Fiesta.

The Ford Sync is a PC-like system, that lets you connect your phone to it, play music, use voice recognition, and a few other things that we need in a car.

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The biggest thing about the Ford Sync device is the voice commands, which are a mixture of Siri, and Google voice search. Pressing the voice command button while your phone is connected to the Ford Sync, will give you various commands to talk back into the car. These range from calling someone, to even having your texts read back to you while you are driving. This is however limited to calls and texts, as you cannot ask the car to play Lady Gaga, or turn down the sound, or change the radio station. This is not an issue, as the buttons on the steering wheel offer enough versatility to do so.

Setting up the Ford Sync system was pretty quick, with a simple Bluetooth pairing, and we were good to go. The Ford Sync asked to download our phonebook, and after that, the voice commands were available. Once we pressed the voice command button, we were able to just say “call Dylan” and the car knew to start a call on our phones to call the person we wanted. When we were done on the call, the phone call was hung up, and the radio started to play again. The system was able to recognize our voices pretty well most of the time.

For those who love using a USB in a car, you will be happy to know that this too works pretty well. Although it only supports FAT32 or FAT devices.

Ford Sync

It was pretty neat to have our own PA in the car with us, and getting calls done while driving has never been easier (and safer) than with the Ford Sync system. If all that energy can now be focused on expanding other features of the Ford Sync, it would be the best system in a car without a doubt.

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