Although we should be out trick or treating, staying at home playing Halloween games sounds like so much more fun. If you are looking for some scary Halloween games, then here are the games you should get your hands on.

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Outlast 2 Demo

One of the scariest Halloween games of the generation has a sequel coming next year. You do not need to wait until then to play the game as there is a free demo on the PS4 that you can download and play today. The demo will see you head into a farm where a cult lives. These people might look like they have a good living environment, but as you explore the area, you will discover that these crazed people have been feeding on babies, and performing all sorts of sacrifices in their farm town. Can you survive the night?

Resident Evil VII Demo

Yes, this is another demo you can play, but it really is a great scare. The upcoming Resident Evil has changed everything for the best and gone back to its horror roots. The demo will see you explore a house as you try to discover what happened to the film crew that were sent there to document the so-called haunted house. We played the demo, and we barely made it out alive. If you like to be scared by playing Halloween games, then this demo should be on your list.

Until Dawn

Still one of the best Halloween games available on PS4. Until Dawn is based on the tale about the Wendigo, a cannibalistic beast that lives in the mountains off the Atlantic Coast. A group of teenagers have gone to stay in a cabin for the weekend where strange things start to happen. Could this be the Wendigo, or a sick prank set out by someone off their meds?


Although DOOM does not really have the scares, it fits the Halloween games theme perfectly with its gruesome and bloody setting. DOOM will see you enter the fiery pits of Hell as you blow demons apart with a shotgun, rip horns off enemies and stab them in the head with them, and just go bat crazy. DOOM has to be the most gory game that we have played in ages, making it a perfect addition to the Halloween games you’ll be playing.

Dead Island

Dead Island was one of the best zombie games of the last generation, and now it is available on current hardware with improved visuals and all-new DLC. Dead Island Definitive Edition will give you just the right amount of brain smashing, zombie burning horror you will need this Halloween. Its great tropical island setting, mixed with its open world survival, will make sure you know how to defend yourself should you ever find yourself stuck on an island during a zombie apocalypse.

Which Halloween games will you be playing?

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