The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are out in South Africa, and we have both devices in our hands. One major thing we wanted to do first, was to download all the new iPhone 7 apps and games to ensure we get the most out of devices.

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Forget about all those crappy photography apps that litter the App Store, use the ones the iPhone 7 apps that professionals use. Lightroom is Adobe’s signature photo editing program, and Lightroom on iOS offers the best on-the-go editing for all the photos you take using the device’s brand new cameras.

iPhone 7 apps

You will be able to edit various files, as well as save them in RAW format to your Adobe Cloud, and download them onto your PC.  This is one of the iPhone 7 apps that offer really great portable photo editor that will work like a charm on your new device.

OZ: Broken Kingdom

Remember that featured game during the Apple iPhone 7 Keynote? Well, the game is out now on the App Store, and it is said to take full advantage of the phones’ hardware. Stereo sound makes the game sound much better, thanks to the iPhone 7’s dual speakers, and the games visuals, really push the limit in terms of mobile gaming

The game is set in our favorite fairy tale world of all time, the land of OZ. You will fight the dark armies that have invaded the land in this turn-based RPG.

Motion Stills

One of the best features about the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, is the Live Photo. Although the actual feature is not new, the new cameras on the devices, make the experience much better. Although we have all these great Live Photos, it is hard when we want to save them and share them.iPhone 7 Apps

Luckily Motion Stills lets you export your Live Photos as GIFs, so that you can tweet them, and even save them onto your PC or Mac. The app lets you string together a few Live Photos into one, to make an epic film or montage

Pokémon Pixel Art

You can download these cute classic Pokémon stickers to spam all your friends with. All the stickers that you can send look great in their 8-bit glory, with the origins of Pokémon really showing in this app.

Pokemon Pixel Art

While you are at it, take a look at other cool iPhone 7 apps on the store like the Mickey Mouse stickers, and GamePigeon, that lets you play actual games with your friends directly in the iPhone 7 apps.  These games include Scrabble, and Snooker.


We are sure you have seen all your friends going on about Prisma, the app that lets you turn your photos into art works, that represent classic artists from today and yesteryear. Prisma has had some various tweaks over the past month since its launch, as now it works offline, and does not require the internet to convert them.

iPhone 7 apps

With the new iPhone cameras, the app and its arty results, will look really great.

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