The iPhone 7 is Apple‘s latest flagship phone. The device has everyone fascinated due to its lack of a headphone jack, the removal of a physical home button and the best iPhone camera yet.

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We’ve spent the past few weeks using the iPhone 7 and thought we’d share our thoughts with you if you’re thinking of getting one for yourself.

Display 4.7-inches (1334×750)
Battery 1960mAh
Storage 32GB/128GB/256GB
Waterproof Water, splash and dust resistant
CPU A10 Fusion Chip
Dual Sim No
OS iOS 10
Camera 12MP Rear, 7MP Front
Network LTE
Colours Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Black and Jet Black
Price Starting at R12 999


At first glance, the iPhone 7 looks nearly identical to its two predecessors, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6. But once you explore the new iPhone 7, you’ll notice an array of exciting aesthetic updates.

The first major design change found in the new iPhone 7 is the controversial removal of the headphone jack. Apple called this choice “brave” and we’ve got to agree. The tech giant has some big apples and we admire its confidence to move an industry into a certain direction. If anything, Apple has the influence and loyal following to make this move work for it. We are, however, jacked off (excused the pun) that Apple is making us buy the new wireless Air Pods and haven’t included them with the iPhone 7. Instead, you’re given earphones that connect via the lighting port and an adaptor.

The second biggest design upgrade is the home button. The iPhone 7 doesn’t have a physical home button, but you won’t even miss it. A series of sophisticated vibrations and haptic feedback makes it feel like you’re pressing a physical button, even though there is technically no home button on the iPhone 7. This updated home button on the iPhone 7 is extremely responsive and makes the device look simple and sleek.

Another significant design change to the iPhone 7 is the removal of the antenna lines that covered the back of previous iPhones. The iPhone 7 has a smooth, seamless back that only features a beautiful Apple logo and the usual iPhone information at the bottom of the device.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 7 still features a camera lens that juts out. It would’ve been cool to have the camera lens in the iPhone 7 sit flush inside of the phone’s casing.

With the removal of the headphone jack, the physical home button, and the antenna line, the iPhone 7 looks like it flows like like liquid. This design feature is complimented by the fact that the iPhone 7 is the first iPhone that is water, splash, and dust resistant. The iPhone 7 has a rating of IP67 under IEC standard 60529.

The iPhone 7 comes in cool colours to suit most people’s personal taste. You can get an iPhone 7 in Black, Jet Black, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. The company cut the Space Grey colour option in the iPhone 7.

iPhone 7


Apple has once again included its fasted procession chip into its latest smartphone offering by shipping the iPhone 7 with an A10 Fusion. The improvement is immediately noticeable when you upgrade to the new iPhone 7. Thanks to this powerful performance processing chip, the iPhone 7 can handle anything you throw at and we never noticed a drag or drop in loading time.

The iPhone 7 is easily able to handle multitasking and running processing-heavy apps.

Playing mobile games like Pokémon GO on the iPhone 7 is an amazing experience and is a great choice for any mobile gaming fan. The device will be able to handle most games without an issue. What makes gaming even better on the iPhone 7 is the 3D touch and haptic feedback systems, which give you targetted and responsive vibration feedback. This makes aiming better and improves the mobile gaming experience on the iPhone 7 immensely. Combined with the beautifully vibrant and detailed HD retina display and improved battery life, the iPhone 7 is a great gamer smartphone.


The iPhone 7 might not have the dual-lens cameras the iPhone 7 Plus boasts, but it’s 12MP rear camera does a beyond brilliant job none-the-less.

Again Apple improved the speed of the iPhone 7 and how quickly it can process an array of apps. The iPhone 7 has a dedicated image processing chip which ensures things aren’t slowing down when you’re capturing the world around you. When compared to older models, the camera app feels smoother and more responsive on the iPhone 7. We also noticed that the device wasn’t as prone to overheating as its predecessors while using the camera app. Previously the back of the phone would get very hot when using the camera app for a long time.

Another impressive improvement to the iPhone 7’s camera is the f/1.8 aperture sensor. iPhones have always struggled in low light settings to capture really stunning photos. With the new sensor, the camera on the iPhone 7 is able to take better pictures in bad lighting conditions and can capture more colour and light, creating more brilliant shots.

The optical image stabiliser ensures that your shaking hands still deliver steady videos that look like you’ve placed your iPhone 7 on a tripod. The videos are crisp and the sound has been improved on, which makes the iPhone 7 a great travel or explore companion. Also, with the great lens and awesome software, the iPhone 7 is sure to be used to film movies and episodes of popular TV shows, just like its predecessors which will truly show what this device’s camera is capable of capturing.

The selfie camera on the iPhone 7 has been bumped up to 7MP, making the front-facing shots clearer and less noisy. Thanks to the upgraded camera, video-calling someone is clearer than ever, making conversations come alive.

Stay tuned for our full camera review, where we will include shots and videos to show you what the iPhone 7’s camera has to offer.


With great power, comes a great demand on battery life. Apple has promised that the iPhone 7 has an improved battery. But to be honest, there’s nothing to write home about in terms of battery life on the iPhone 7. The latest iPhone lasts about a full day on a single charge when you’re using it normally and obviously drains quicker with heavy use like playing mobile games.

Apple claims that you get 2 hours more battery life from the iPhone 7 than from the iPhone 6s, but we have to be honest that it’s an increase that’s barely noticeable.

One thing that was interesting to see though is that locking and unlocking the new home button sucks up a fair amount of battery life. This could because of the vibrations and haptic feedback.

Charging feels the same on the iPhone 7 as previous models and we didn’t notice it charging any faster or slower. We did notice that the iPhone 7 is less prone to dying when at 20% battery power, an issue we had with previous models.


Apple has delivered yet another amazing iPhone with the iPhone 7. Whether it’s a revolutionary device, is a debate for another day. However, it’s a stunning smartphone that looks and feels premium and stylish. We also finally have an iPhone that is water-resistant, making it feel less fragile and like it was designed with life in mind.

The design upgrades aren’t immediately apparent, but once you take a closer look you’ll see the iPhone 7 has been upgraded. The look might not have come leaps and bounds, but its a step in the right direction and we think it looks absolutely stunning. There’s also no headphone jack, which is an interesting design development.

The new iPhone 7 performs at lighting fast speeds thanks to its new A10 Fusion chip. This new chip, along with the sophisticated haptic feedback and 3D Touch systems, coupled with a dazzling display, makes the iPhone 7 a great choice for mobile gamers.

If you’re into mobile photography, then the iPhone 7 is going to look very appealing to you. The phone has an incredible camera, capable of fantastic shots and really stunning videos. Not only does the new iPhone have a good camera lens, it also boasts impressive camera software, which allows users to capture their world in a realistic and beautiful way.

With subtle, yet significant changes, the iPhone 7 is well worth the upgrade for current Apple users or the perfect choice for those wanting to switch to Apple.

The iPhone 7 is set for release in South Africa on 13 October 2016.

Will you be getting the latest flagship smartphone from Apple? Drop us a comment and let us know what your thoughts are on the iPhone 7.

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iPhone 7 Review: Jacked Off, But Great
Apple managed to make a splash with the iPhone 7's water-resistance, impeccable camera and great mobile gaming freatures
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