If you love playing LEGO or you’re a parent of a kid who loves to play LEGO, you’ll have painfully stepped on a LEGO block at least once in your lifetime. There’s something just unbearably painful about planting your paw on a LEGO block and the company even realized this. To protect your feet from stepping on these torture blocks, LEGO slippers have been created by the LEGO company.

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Recognizing that your precious pedicured paws need protection, LEGO teamed up with French advertising agency Brand Station to create LEGO slippers. These LEGO slippers offer extra padding for protection against accidently stepping on a LEGO block and possibly involuntarily increasing your child’s swearing vocabulary.

LEGO Slippers

These padded LEGO slippers might seem very appealing to people who love to build their own LEGO creations without the extra risk of foot injury, but only a hand few of people were able to put their feet into them. Only 1 500 of these LEGO slippers were distributed randomly to people who added their names to the LEGO France Christmas Wishlist.

LEGO Slippers

Perhaps if these promotional slippers by LEGO and Brand Station are a huge success they might start rolling out worldwide. Parents and LEGO fans’ sore feet will be happy to have a protective layer between them and that dreaded LEGO block lurking on the carpet on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. We also think these LEGO slippers look pretty cute and we love that they look like LEGO blocks themselves.

LEGO Slippers

Have you ever experienced the pain of stepping on a LEGO block? Would you be interested in buying these promotional LEGO slippers if they were available commercially? Drop us a comment and let us know what you think about these promotional LEGO slippers.

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