Pokemon GO has been around for a few months and has officially released in South Africa. Since its release, the popular Pokemon mobile game has received multiple updates and improvements. Now it’s been confirmed on the official Facebook page that there is a new Pokemon GO update in the works.

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The new Pokemon GO update will be version 0.41.2 for users playing the popular mobile game on their Android devices and version 1.11.2 for Trainers with iOS devices. A new Pokemon GO update was recently teased that would bring about a Catch Bonus and it has now been confirmed that this feature will be included in the new Pokemon GO update. The new Pokemon GO update will see Trainers being granted a Catch Bonus when they earn Medals based on catching certain types of Pokemon. What the new Pokemon GO update will bring is a better chance of capturing the same type of Pokemon thanks to this new catching bonus.

New Pokemon GO Update

Below are some release notes and comments from the team that developed the new Pokemon GO update.

– Catch Bonus: Trainers can earn a catch bonus for a Pokemon type as they catch more of a specific type.
– Updated Gym Training: Trainers can now bring six Pokemon to battle at friendly Gyms. The CP of the Pokémon you are battling may be temporarily adjusted lower for your training session.
– Egg & Incubator Screens: These will periodically update the distance walked without the Trainer needing to close and reopen the screen.
– Fixed several audio issues.
– Decreased the evolution animation time.
– Minor fixes

More recently we received a new Pokemon GO update which introduced the Buddy System. That new Pokemon GO update introduced the ability for Trainers to choose a Buddy Pokemon which accompanies them on walks. While walking your Buddy Pokemon you rack up kilometres which are added up together to earn Candies for a certain distance walked. This new Pokemon GO update introduced three tiers of Pokemon walking distances to earn 1 Candy for your Buddy Pokemon, namely 1km, 3km, and 5km.

What do you think of the new Pokemon GO update?

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