No Man’s Sky has gone down as one of the most controversial games of the year. For obvious reasons, as it was a complete let down.

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Many players were disappointed after playing No Man’s Sky, which was so hyped up before its release.

We decided to test out the refund system and request a refund for the game. We thought it would help us find out what the terms were for the refund process, as everyone seemed to be sending requests through. What would warrant a refund of the game, and how would Sony explain the terms.

We sent a request through to Sony with the flowing issues we had with our purchase:

  • No multiplayer after it being showcased various times in trailers and interviews
  • Gameplay looks different from trailers
  • False advertising in general

It took about 14 days to get a final response back from Sony, in which it had this to say:

We have double checked with the relevant team: In the description it always said 1 player, but it was portrayed in the media that it might have it.

There was no mention of multiplayer within the product description on the PlayStation Store.


It seems that Sony denied our refund because the game never mentioned multiplayer support at all. Regardless of the various trailers that were shown where you and your friends would have epic Star Wars-inspired space fights, and the interview with Sean Murray where he actually confirms the existence of multiplayer.

Hello Games have been hard at work patching the game’s content, and working on the game. We doubt we will ever hear the truth about the game’s poor marketing and mystery surrounding the game’s content, but at least we know where the media stands with Sony. They are pushing the blame on us for covering the game across our sites in the wrong manner, and we were the ones who said the game was multiplayer when it was not.

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