The reason you see Pokemon GO players everywhere is because they’re walking around trying to catch Pokemon and rack up steps to hatch eggs or earn candies with a buddy Pokemon.

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The popular mobile game has been designed to get Pokemon GO players up and out of their homes, exploring their surroundings. The benefit of the mobile game’s activity encouragement is that Pokemon GO players are able to get some exercise and fresh air, both of which are great for your health.

A study conducted by Microsoft Research and Standford University looked into the health benefits of playing the popular Pokemon mobile game to Pokemon GO players and found that Pokemon GO players are taking a lot of steps. According to the study, which looked at 1 420 US Pokemon GO players, an estimated 144 billion steps were taken during the months of July and August 2016. This is 2 724 times around the world or 143 round trips to the moon.

The Pokemon GO players were required to wear the Microsoft Band to track the daily steps they take. A control group who weren’t Pokemon GO players were also given Microsoft Bands to see whether the mobile game had an impact on the daily activity of players. The study found that Pokemon GO players had a massive surge in daily steps. The spike in daily steps by Pokemon GO players is about 13% more than the people who weren’t playing the mobile game.

The study estimates that Pokemon GO players walk an average of 7 229 steps a day once they start playing the mobile game. This translates to 2.9 million years addition life expectancy added to the US population thanks to the mobile game’s encouragement to get users to be more active. The average age of the Pokemon GO players that formed part of the study was 33 years old.

To call the mobile game popular would be an understatement. During the time of the study, there were 25 million active Pokemon GO players in the US and 40 million worldwide.

You can check out the full results of the study HERE, which had plenty of thought-provoking findings.

Has Pokemon GO made you more active?

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