You may not need one of the Pokemon GO university courses currently being offered around the world, but certain Trainers want to learn while catching ‘em all.

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Everyone’s been playing the new popular Pokemon mobile game but if you’re keen on taking your Trainer skills to the tertiary level you might be interested to know that a few institutions around the world have started offering Pokemon GO university courses.

Fresno City College, California, USA

As the mobile game encourages players to get up and move, it’s not surprising that Pokemon GO university courses would be focuses on physical education. The Fresno City College offers one of the more exclusive Pokemon GO university courses and only allows 26 people to attend the course, which is called Walking and uses the popular mobile game to facilitate physical education.

University of Idaho, Moscow, US

Pokemon GO university courses can take up different forms and as part of its Pop Culture Games course, students at the University of Idaho are encouraged to play the popular Pokemon mobile game to get some physical exercise, explore the campus and facilitate teamwork.

Salford University, Salford, England

Students taking the Business Information course are required to play Pokemon GO. University believes by incorporating Pokemon GO university courses it will be able to show prospective and new students how accessible education could be.

National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

In terms of Pokemon GO university courses, you want to start off with the basics and what could be more basic than learning about the Pokemon themselves. The National Taiwan University is offering a course called A Study on Pokemon, which uses science, history, and law to learn more about these creatures.

Don’t fret if you’re unable to attend any of these Pokemon GO university courses, because we’ve got you covered with our Pokemon GO hub.

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