rAge 2016 is done and dusted, and we spent so much time at the expo, that we are having withdraw symptoms from not being there right now. With so much to do this year, we had to give you our feedback from rAge 2016 and tell you what we loved the most from it.

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VR Everywhere

VR was the star of rAge 2016. From PlayStation VR, to Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and a few more new ones we have never seen before. VR was everywhere at rAge 2016 and we loved it. We got our hands on PlayStation VR, and played Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, and Batman VR. Both of these titles really pulled us away from our seats as we immersed into another world while playing them at rAge 2016.rAge 2016


rAge 2016

It would not be rAge 2016 without the awesome cosplay around, and this year we were blown away by the fantastic looks from everyone. Walking through the Blue Wing at the Ticketpro Dome, was  a whole new adventure as we saw fans dressed as all our favorite anime, comic book, and video game characters. It would take us days to make a list of all the best cosplay outfits we saw, and we really have to acknowledge everyone for the great effort and dedication in their outfits, as the resemblances were uncanny at rAge 2016.

Game All Day

Last year’s rAge was great, but it left us rather disappointed with the lack of game demos, and exclusive playthroughs of upcoming games. There were great games, but many of them were already out, which made some the stands feel like a store demo. At rAge 2016 however, it was the complete opposite. There were so many demos available for games like Eagleflight, PlayStation VR, For Honor, Skylanders: Imaginators, Cuphead, and more. All these games have not been released yet, and we all got a chance to play them at rAge 2016.

rAge 2016

If anything, the gaming showcase at rAge 2016 was one of the best we have experienced since 2013, which had a strong showing due to the next-gen consoles being in the release calendar. The games really wowed us at rAge 2016.

Cuphead looks great with its retro inspired art direction, and its great co-op gameplay. Eagleflight made our toes tingle with its immersive flying experience. Final Fantasy XV made us feeling even worse that we have to wait until 29 November to play the game. We even sat in a behind-closed-doors preview of Dishonored 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn at rAge 2016. Both previews at rAge 2016 showed off the games’ back story and mechanics.

Less Stores

rAge 2016

rAge has always been about the great specials and gaming deals, and although there were great ones this year, there were less places to spend your money at rAge 2016. CNA, Musica, Incredible Connection, and a few more retailers missed rAge 2016. We had the usual comic stores, selling mugs, t-shirts, figurines, and other awesome merchandise, but if anything, the games were the biggest focus this year. We had no problem having less places to spend our money, and more games to play. This meant that stands were bigger and better than ever, with PlayStation being double the size of last year’s stand, as well as Xbox and Megarom, showcasing more games, with bigger areas to play them on.

As we wrap up rAge 2016, we are pretty excited for the next few months, as we will get our hands on the final retail copies of some of the awesome games we played. Until rAge Cape Town 2017.

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