We’ve put together a guide help you decide on the perfect smartwatch to suit your lifestyle.

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Apple Watch Series 2

The Apple Watch has come a long way from entering a market already saturated with smartwatches. Sure, it has managed to beat the competition, in being far more versatile than the others, but we do not expect less from Apple.


This year there are now two options available for the Apple Watch, as Apple has released the Series 2, and re-released the Series 1, with a faster CPU in both models. The Series 2 is waterproof and has built-in GPS. Both models run WatchOS 3.0, and come in dozens of colours. If you own an iPhone, then this is a no-brainer and should be on your list of must-buys.

Apple Watch Series 1 – From R4,999
Apple Watch Series 2 – From R6,899

Huawei Watch

Believe it or not but Huawei too has a smartwatch on the market, and it is available in South Africa. The smartwatch looks great, as it resembles a classic face watch. The smartwatch supports iOS and Android, and it comes in at 42mm diameter and is only 11.3mm thick.

The smartwatch has a 1.4-inch AMOLED, with a 400×400 resolution display. It has the standard heart rate sensor, Barometer, and a 6-axis motion sensor.

Huawei Watch – From R4,999

Samsung Gear S3

The Samsung Gear was a great device in a market with no smartwatches at the time. Fast forward a few years and you now have Gear S3, the latest smartwatch from Samsung that manages to encompass the true smartwatch experience. The device also has a wide variety of apps you can download like Uber and Facebook.


The watch is pretty powerful thanks to its hardware. It is the first smartwatch that lets you leave the house without your phone, and is waterproof and dust proof. If you ask us, it is really a wonderful device, that should be on top of every Samsung owner’s shopping list. The Gear S3 will be available in November this year.

Sony Smartwatch 3

Powered by Android Wear, the Sony Smartwatch 3 is by far the budget smartwatch on the market, and truly takes advantage of Android Wear’s features. Weather, search, phone calls, reminders, and travel, are all available on the smartwatch.

Smartwatch 3

The watch also looks sleek with its black band, or metal band, depending on what type of person you are.

Sony Smartwatch 3 – From R3499

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