The original Netflix series, Stranger Things has been an instant hit and now the Stranger Things 8-bit version is the retro treatment we wanted all along.

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The Stranger Things 8-bit video was created by CineFlix which has created a bunch of other cool and geeky entertainment franchises into 8-bit awesomeness. As the sci-fi thriller is set in the 80s and has a ton of geek and gaming references, it’s awesome to see the Stanger Things 8-bit version and it feels like it pays true homage to the popular and successful Netflix series.

We recently mused about a retro Stanger Things 8-bit video game that could bridge the gap between season one and the confirmed season two of the new series. After seeing this Stranger Things 8-bit version we’re even more keen on a video game. Even the creators agree that it would be cool to create a Stranger Things 8-bit retro video game, and perhaps someone will finally be inspired.

Stranger Things Video Game F

One of the things we long the most about the Stranger Things 8-bit makeover is the remixed retro version of the popular intro song. The intro to the new Netflix show is very catchy and cool and it sounds even better in the Stanger Thing 8-bi version.

This Stranger Things 8-bit version feels like a cool retro video game we would gladly jam all Summer long. In this Stranger Things 8-bit version we’re introduced to retro versions of the gang who once again set out on a creepy mission to find their missing friend, Will. In this Stranger Things 8-bit version you’re also introduced to new gang member and star of the show, Eleven. Aside from the gang, we’re also introduced to Will’s brother, Jonathon who frantically trying to find him along with their mother, Joyce.

Other key moments from the popular new Netflix show are also transformed into retro versions in this Stranger Things 8-bit video. Stranger Things 8-bit characters also appear in the video, like Nancy, Steve, Hopper, Barb, and the creepy creatures from the other side.

Are you excited for season two of the popular Netflix retro sci-fi horror?

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