Tech girls aren’t such a rare thing anymore and thanks to tech becoming part of our daily lives, more people, which naturally includes females, are embracing tech.

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A new American cartoon show, Dot, encourages tech girls to embrace who they are and encourages other females to become tech girls who love their gadgets and know how to use them. In the show, Dot is an 8-year old fierce female who explores and learns about the world and life with the help tech.

Tech Girls

The show is based on a 2013 book published by Randi Zuckerberg, which also focusses on making tech girls a more acceptable and regular occurrence. Randi Zuckerberg is also working on the TV show, which encourages tech girls. Randi Zuckerberg says she created the character and her story to encourage tech girls as she is a fellow female who struggled in Silicon Valley for 10 years herself.

I grew so frustrated by so few women in the room wherever I went. It was a fantastic decade, but also a lonely one. And so I thought, what if we could get more messages out into pop culture with female role models for young girls, showing them how exciting and cool and wonderful this world of technology is? Maybe that could inspire the next generation of leaders and tech girls.

Randi Zuckerberg goes on to explain that Dot encourages tech girls to have a balance between using technology but also remembering to exploring their surroundings.

The Dot TV show and book explores how easy it is for the newer generation of tech girls and boys to integrate technology into their everyday activities.

Tech girls and boys are also able to play games and activities online that were inspired by Dot’s story. Tech girls and boys are encouraged to follow five principles when it comes to using tech: responsibility, respect, safety, kindness, and patience.

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