Logitech has an impressive speaker range and its latest UE Roll 2 speaker is one of its best portable ones yet.

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Like its predecessor, the UE Roll, the UE Roll 2 is waterproof, has a compact and fun design, and delivers great sound for its size. This wireless speaker offers a unique and simple way to enjoy your music anywhere, anytime.


The UE Roll 2 has an almost identical design to last year’s model, but that’s not a bad thing. We love its cool and colourful circular design that fits easily into your hand and handbag, coming in at a comfortable 300g.

The bungee strap makes it easy to securely hang the speaker up anywhere from a tree to your car’s rear-view mirror. This strap tucks away neatly at the back of the device. There is a flap on the back of the speaker which hides the ports for charging and ensures the device’s insides don’t get wet when you’re listening to music poolside or at the beach.

UE Roll 2

We love the funky stitching at the front of the UE Roll 2, with a + and – boldly appearing on the front to be easily pressed. Ironically, the simpleness of the design of the UE Roll 2 is what makes it stand out. The UE Roll 2 doesn’t just look good, but it was designed with functionality in mind. Buttons are easy to press and nothing on the device is complicated to understand. The material is also very easy to clean, which is important because you’ll want to use your UE Roll 2 everywhere.

UE Roll 2

With many cool colour options for the UE Roll 2 – Tropical Anime, Volcano, Reef, Sugarplum, Habanero, and Atmosphere – you can get one to match your unique taste.


Setup is simple and straightforward. Once you’ve paired your UE Roll 2 with your smartphone, all you’ll need to do in future is turn the speaker on and start playing your music.

UE Roll 2

For such a compact speaker, the UE Roll 2 delivers astoundingly clear and loud sound. The volume on this hand-sized UE Roll 2 speaker can pack a punch and can be used to pump sound for parties or jamming out in your car. The quality of the sound is crisp and although there is a slight loss in sound quality at very high volumes, the UE Roll 2 can hold its own in big spaces with lots of other sounds to compete with.

Most music sounds good, with it being able to handle most genres fantastically. Voices might sound the worst on the UE Roll 2 if we had to fault it, but that’s only at very high volumes. And the UE Roll 2 is really loud, 15% louder than last year’s model.

The UE Roll 2 is completely waterproof and can be safely used outdoors. You’re even able to float it on the pool thanks to its own floating device called the UE Floatie which it ships with. The fact that you’re able to safely submerge it into water is great for using it for outdoors fun and also because the UE Roll 2 gets a bit hot sometimes.

The extended Bluetooth range (up to 30m) is a welcomed upgrade to the UE Roll 2. This means you’re able to easily leave your smartphone inside while you listen to your music on your UE Roll 2 outside.

A fun feature is that you can pair two of the UE Roll 2 speakers if you really want to turn up the sound.

Battery Life

One of the major issues with portable speakers is obviously battery-life. The UE Roll 2, however, has impeccable battery life.

UE Roll 2

With heavy use, you’ll be able to get about 9 hours out of the speaker. And the UE Roll 2 charges very fast as well, meaning you never have to skip a beat.


In terms of compact portable speakers, you can’t get better than the UE Roll 2. The UE Roll 2 speaker offers cool colour options to have some Summer fun with, while still boasting a simple and elegant design. For such a small speaker, the UE Roll 2 delivers surprisingly loud and clear sound.

If you already own the UE Roll then the UE Roll 2 might not seem like such an appealing upgrade. But, if you’re in the market to buy a compact portable Bluetooth speaker that you can take anywhere with you, then you can’t go wrong with the UE Roll 2.

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