Video games mental health therapy is slowly starting to show signs of progress. From depression to anxiety, gaming is helping people deal with their mental health issues through video games mental health therapy.

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Every time you boot up a game, be it on your smartphone or on your TV, your mind enters an overdrive mode, where your imagination, problem-solving skills, and decision-making come into play. This all works as an active agent to help fight various forms of mental illness in the form of mental health therapy.

Social Anxiety

Gaming has been social in some way from the start, but as the years have progressed, video games mental health therapy has increased social skills through the help of social games. Cooperative games call for new social gaming experiences, where people need to communicate to get the job done.

Video Games Mental Health Therapy

People are faced with actual humans being on the other side of a character, who they need to chat to and get to know. This form of video games mental health therapy helps people who struggle with social interaction by easing them into it and rewarding them for their interactions.

Stress And Anxiety Relief

If video games mental health therapy does anything, it is an escape from the real world and into a world in your screen. Most of the stress of today is caused by the world around us, which gives gaming the perfect opportunity to act as a medium between the two. This distraction helps our minds relax, so that the problem that we think is so bad, is not really that bad in the end.

Video Games Mental Health Therapy


Video games mental health therapy can help others understand what those suffering with mental illness go through. Depression Quest is one of these games that lets you play through the life of a depressed person. You are given a series of quests to complete that revolve around your everyday activities, and you will have to manage your illness, relationships, and job while being depressed. This game shows just how serious the illness can be, and how to actually face it head on making it an all round video games mental health therapy method.

Video Games Mental Health Therapy

It has also been proven that video games mental health therapy helps fight depression by giving people the will to tackle various tasks. Most people tend to experience stronger self-confidence, increased physical energy, and a positive attitude while playing video games, this is the complete opposite to the signs of depression, especially when it comes to their emotions and overall positivity. All this comes from video games mental health therapy’s goal-driven mechanics, and rewarding pathways. Video games mental health therapy subconsciously improves your mindset by filling your surroundings with positive energy. We are immediately focused on the goal at hand while gaming. Video games mental health therapy creates a sense of motivation and determination for the objective ahead. This goes beyond an emotional bond with gaming, however, as the brain emits gasses when these activities are taking place, stimulating blood flow, and improving your overall mind-set.

Whether you are a gamer or someone who play games casually, just know that there is much more going on behind the scenes in your mind while gaming.

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