After spending 4 hours with Watch Dogs 2 last week, one thing is for sure, the game is brighter and more colorful than its predecessor.

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The original Watch Dogs, that released back in 2014, was way too serious for its own good. Aiden Pearce felt like an over-dramatic protagonist, and the characters you meet along the way were unmemorable. Watch Dogs 2 has come such a long way since the original, that it feels like its own brand new IP. Everything in Watch Dogs 2 is better, from colour pallets, to the characters you meet. Watch Dogs 2 is so much fun. The new hacking features and gadgets that you can use along the way, makes Watch Dogs 2 what it is.

In one of the early missions in Watch Dogs 2, you can watch us head into a film studio to steal a script for an upcoming film inspired by Knight Rider. The car then becomes our top focus as we plan on stealing it, and use it to film our own Knight Rider trailer, by doing crazy stunts and alerting the police and the international news to our PR stunt.

The first part of the mission in Watch Dogs 2 saw us sneak into the studio using our Jumper, an RC car with the ability to hack and sneak through an are undetected thanks to its small size. This Watch Dogs 2 RC car is so much fun to use as you hide in vents, and scoot under cars for protection. Later on, when we played another mission in Watch Dogs 2, the Jumper was able to physically hack a terminal that was previously only accessible to Marcus. This gave us a hint to how the equipment that you can use, can also be upgraded with specific features in Watch Dogs 2.

We spent quite some time driving around in massive, open world of Watch Dogs, and the driving is great. You can hack the manholes to explode as you drive past then, or even the traffic lights in Watch Dogs 2. This was all in the past game, but the biggest, and probably best new hacking feature with cars in Watch Dogs 2, is the ability to literally drive them from a distance using your hacking. You can accelerate a car, reverse it, and even turn it left and right remotely in Watch Dogs 2. As we drove the CyberDriver car away from the scene, the first thing we noticed was the visual damage when we smashed it into a wall in Watch Dogs 2. Games sometimes lacked true vehicle damage when crashing, and in Watch Dogs 2 12 experienced close to accurate damage while crashing the car. It was really nice to see the actual damage done by your terrible driving in Watch Dogs 2.

The best part about our time with Watch Dogs 2 had to be the overall setting of the game. The game has lost its serious tone and has an off-beat, millennial feel to it. The characters you meet in Watch Dogs 2 are crazy, with social media ruling the world, and the vibe around you all revolving around building fans for your app. The Watch Dogs 2 world is filled with pop culture references, with a comic book store being used as your hideout, and characters around talking about fake World of Warcraft references. Marcus, who is the main protagonist in Watch Dogs 2, is more relaxed compared to the previous lead character, Aiden, and he just goes with the flow.

With Watch Dogs 2 releasing on 15 November 2016, we will keep the content coming as we approach the release.

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