We reviewed the PC version of XCOM 2 back in February and loved it. The game is truly a wonderful experience that merges tactical gameplay, in a well-imagined communist world. Now, the XCOM 2 console version is finally here, which means we no longer need to sit, crouched over our desk with a mouse in our hands to play the game. The XCOM 2 console version means we can put our feet up with a controller, and enjoy the XCOM experience all over again. Does the XCOM 2 console version do any justice to the epic PC version?

Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC

Reviewed On: PS4

Developer: Fireaxis Games

Publisher: 2K Games

DistributorPrima Interactive

Release Date: 7 October 2016

PEGI: 18


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The PS4 version comes with all the DLC from the PC version of XCOM 2. It’s a complete package thanks to the extra content, as well as tons of new tweaks and bug fixes. Saying that, the XCOM 2 console version suffers from some horrible technical issues on the PS4. Long loading times, frame rate drops, and other technical hiccups are obvious while playing the game. Loading times can get frustrating, with some of them reaching over the three-minute mark. With all the technical issues, the XCOM 2 console version’s core mechanics and great gameplay, are unaffected by this. Sure, you will have to sit and watch your team fly into a mission for a few minutes, but at least the mission is great.

XCOM 2 Console

Those who never experienced XCOM 2 before, this would be the most ideal time to try it, as it ports well to the console, looking past the technical issues. The control system takes a while to get used to, but the movement, actions, and overall understanding of the game, translates well to the DualShock 4.  The XCOM 2 console version is relentless in its gameplay, as the game’s tactical approach relies on your inner commander to be ready during missions. The alien threat has supposedly been calmed, with the Xeno and human kind, now living peacefully together. The XCOM however, are a team of outsiders who are working on really understanding the threat which has “so called”, been integrated into society.

Combat in the XCOM 2 console version is the game’s greatest achievement. Turn-based tactical movement lets you plan your attacks around your environments. It is vital to survival too, as the XCOM 2 console version’s difficulty is steep. You can go from having the best squad, who you have worked with for days, die a terrible death due to a stupid mistake you made. As you creep around cover, and all slink through the shadows to scout the area ahead, there it no doubt that your team’s survival is in your hands. Enemies make your life hell as they have the worst abilities available in the game. Turning your teammates against each other, reanimating the dead to do devious deeds, and just being complete irritations. Just when you think you know what you are up against, something new pops up and changes everything you had planned for your approach.

XCOM 2 Console

There is so much more than just your missions going on in the XCOM 2 console version, as the politics in the game world, also come into play at times. You will need to make sure you can keep everything in check, while still surviving the alien onslaught. The XCOM 2 console version always has something going on to keep you busy, if it is managing your squad, fighting aliens, or making sure that the world map is free of any sightings.


In all honesty, the XCOM 2 console version, is one of the best strategy games out there. The XCOM 2 console version keeps expanding as you go along, and the game’s mechanics and ruthless gameplay, makes the experience much more rewarding.

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XCOM 2 Console Review
XCOM 2 on console might have some technical issues, but it is the best strategy game you can find.
87%Overall Score
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