The IAB Bookmark Awards is an annual awards event where many brands and individuals are honoured for their impact on South African pop culture and everything digital. For 2017, there will be a new Bookmark Awards gaming category.

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Along with a new Bookmark Awards gaming category, a whole slew of other categories will be added to the 2017 Bookmark Awards. By adding a Bookmark Awards gaming category, the Awards recognise what an increasing penetration this huge industry is having on our pop culture and trends. CEO of IAB SA, Josephine Buys, explains how the new Bookmark Awards gaming, and other categories, felt like a natural progression for the popular annual Awards.

The Bookmark Awards have always set the benchmark for tech, digital and leading edge innovation. As the IAB, we are mindful of how technology is converging and the powerful impact that interactive technology has on the marketing mix.

The Bookmarks play an important role in shaping trends within the industry. Now in its ninth year, we have seen how award-winning work inspires and educates the industry about the power to build brands through creative and high impact digital executions that deliver measurable results.

Apart from the Bookmark Awards gaming category, Virtual Reality, Digital Installations and Activations, Internet of Things, Customer Experience Design and Dedicated Internet Streaming Services have also been added.

The entries for the 2017 Awards close very soon – on 11 November 2016. This gives you only a few days to put your best work together and enter the new Bookmark Awards gaming category, or one of the many other exciting categories.

Games Original digital games designed for phone, web or console. Includes games developed for informational or commercial purposes. Think FarmVille, Call of Duty or Pokémon Go.
Email, direct & inbound marketing Use of email, SMS, direct digital marketing and other inbound techniques to achieve campaign success. Winners will show exceptional return on investment. Think Obama 2008.
Digital Installations and Activations Use of digital technology to engage audiences typically in an out-of-home or events setting. Think BA’s #lookup billboard.
Customer Experience Design Excellence in the digital customer experience, including point of sale or online service channels. Think‘s service offering.
VR Use of Virtual Reality (VR) to promote a product or brand.
Chat, messaging and Dark Social Use of chat, chat bots and messaging platforms (dark social) to achieve a marketing or communication result. Think Facebook Messenger.
Internet of Things Use of atypical internet devices (i.e. not phone or computer) to achieve a marketing or communication goal. Think Apple Watch or Apple TV.
Online Photography Use of online video by a publisher for news or editorial purposes. Think Daily Mail.
Streaming Services Dedicated internet streaming service (video or audio). Think Netflix or CliffCentral.
Craft: Excellence In Software, Coding & Tech. Innovation Individual or team award for demonstrable excellence and innovation in coding or use of technology in an online campaign or platform. The engineering will be judged by a team of software experts. The work and not the individuals will be judged but the winner will be an individual or team of up to 3 people.
Best Digital Student Best student studying a digital course at an institution, including marketing and related disciplines such as UX. Think top students at AAA or UJ.
Best Digital Youngster Best person under 28 who has made a significant contribution to digital this year through their work – can be agency, publisher or other.
Brand of the Year Company most supportive or innovative in the digital marketing space.
Best Marketer Individual in a brand who most supports, encourages and succeeds using digital channels.
Best CTO Individual in a brand who most supports, encourages and succeeds using digital channels.
Best Contribution to Transformation in the Digital Industry Organisation who has made the most convincing contribution to growing diversity in the digital industry in line with overall goals for an integrated South Africa. This could be through any meaningful mechanism ranging from ownership to participation.
Pixel for Purpose Awarded to a piece of work (site, app, publication or any other digital piece) that made a significant positive social impact. The winner will have conclusively proven that the idea worked.

The 2017 Bookmark Awards will take place in March 2017 at a new, exciting venue to go along with the new Bookmark Awards gaming and other cool categories. The new venue will be at The Galleria in Sandton.

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