Sid Meier’s Civilization has always been at the forefront of simulation games, and the installments have only gotten better over the years. Civilization 6 is the kind of game that you load up, put your feet up, and relax and play, as it only uses a mouse, and has all the classic simulation mechanics at your fingertips. Every game in Civilization 6 you launch, is welcomed with infinite possibilities as you decide the fate of your nation, religion, and start a war with Franch.

Platforms:  PC

Developer: Fireaxis Games

Publisher: 2K Games

DistributorPrima Interactive

Release Date: 21 October 2016

PEGI: 13


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Civilization 6 manages to keep the classic mechanics that we loved from the previous games, while bringing in new features and gameplay elements, that really kept us in the game for countless hours.

A typical game session with Civilization 6 sees you start out as a settler. You will walk about the land, and decide where you want to make your village. After which you then start making, what seems as small decisions, but the impact they have will see your city grow in various ways. Deciding to research masonry in Civilization 6, for example, will unlock a path for future constructions to your land, while moving to the pottery side, will open up a new path of research abilities. As the turns tick over, you will slowly move the people you have produced across tiles on the map, and instruct them to do what they were born to do in Civilization 6.

Civilization 6

The amount of versatility in Civilization 6 is endless, and the power you have in the game feels great. In Civilization 6, you can play as Gandhi and decide that your people will become Buddhists while training an army of archers to stand by for any Barbarian attacks. As Civilization 6 progresses, you will find yourself in various eras throughout history, building World Wonders to celebrate the discovery of these eras.

The biggest threat to you in Civilization 6, are your people and the leaders trying to make the biggest cities ever seen. Keeping your people happy by building entertainment districts, and making sure they have enough food and shelter in Civilization 6, is challenging. Your cities in Civilization 6 can only produce as fast at it can, and sometimes being a bit behind in research, could be your downfall. The leaders in Civilization 6 are also unpredictable. You can shower them in gold and peace offerings, but when Spain sees you as a threat in Civilization 6, they will start a war with you and make sure your city is burning to the ground.

Civilization 6

Luckily the wars in Civilization 6 are always brought on by some sort of action you take. Spain might not like the way you’re advancing in science, but Paris were happy with it. It is an imperfect world you play in Civilization 6, so people will either love what you are doing, or hate it enough to massacre your people. This gives Civilization 6 an authentic feel to it.

Civilization 6 is one fantastic history lesson, as it takes you through the ages, depicting some of the greatest minds, and moments in time. This is where Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 shines the most, as there is so much personality and attention to detail in the workings behind the scenes, that you cannot help but sit back and enjoy the lesson. Any way you want to play Civilization 6, the algorithm will adapt to you. This is also possible thanks to the winning conditions to Civilization 6. completely annihilate a city, and they will lose or surrender. Spread the word of religion and win the hearts of the people. All these winning conditions do require that you really stick to your guns with what you are researching and building.

Civilization 6

There are some challenges to face though in Civilization 6. The complicated currency system, religions, and government take a while to fully understand. We always found ourselves in the comprehensive help menu which made things clearer when we were confused. The game really stays on the path you want it to, which makes the power aspect in Civilization 6, so much more rewarding.

Civilization 6

The only major issue we had was Civilization 6 with the character A.I, as they still seemed a bit unpredictable. We know things were different back then, but the leaders inCivilization 6 still lacked common human behaviour, and came across as rash. We would be minding our own business, and war would start for no clear reason. We would send a delegation to them or declare friendship, only for them to decline and offer it to us on the next move. Sometime they just made no sense.


Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 is a stunning experience, that is best played while you have a few dozen hours to spend. The game looks great with a cute cartoonish feel to it that adds personality. The sheer versatility of Civilization 6 and fantastic depth of gameplay, makes it the best Sid Meier’s Civilization to date.

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Sid Meier's Civilization 6 Review: Sweet History Lesson
Sid Meier's Civilization 6 is the best Civilization game ever built, and its cute art style and deep game mechanics makes it so much more rewarding.