If you were around this past weekend, you would have seen that BlizzCon 2016 was taking place, in which Blizzard revealed upcoming content for all its latest games. From Diablo III, to new Hearthstone content coming our way, there was so much to take in during the opening ceremony, that we were on the edge of our seats. If you missed all the news, we have you covered.

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Diablo III

Diablo is celebrating its 20 year anniversary this year and Blizzard is going all out with the updates and content releasing in the next few months. The biggest announcement must have been the reveal of a Necromancer class for Diablo III. Inspired by the original Necromancer from Diablo II, the Diablo III class will pay tribute to the classic skills and abilities that we’ve all enjoyed. The character will release in a Diablo III character pack in early 2017. Although the Diablo III character will not have a dedicated expansion like the Paladin did with Reaper of Souls, Blizzard will release two new zones to the Adventure Mode to add to the content.

Blizzard also announced a Diablo Anniversary Dungeon, which is a very exciting new 16-level dungeon for Diablo III. The content will have a classic 8-direction movement system, as well as a few visual filters that will give the Diablo III dungeon a classic pixelated overlay. This will all add to classic gameplay in Diablo III which blizzard is trying to bring back to celebrate the game’s origin. The Diablo III Anniversary Dungeon will launch later in November/December 2016.


Once the Diablo III announcements were done, we got some exciting Overwatch updates. After months of teases and reports, Blizzard finally unveiled its latest character to enter the Overwatch roster, Sombra. Sombra is a hacker at heart, and can do some pretty cool things with her abilities like hack first-aid kits to render them ineffective for opponents. Sombra can also hack opponent’s weapons while they are using their ultimate ability, to stop them from using it. Her ability to quickly teleport around the map will see her dashing around faster than other characters, and perhaps gaining the advantage as she quickly appears behind everyone.

Blizzard also showcased new maps and a new Arcade Mode. Ecopoint: Antarctica is the latest arena map, and Oasis is the new control map:

Ecopoint: Antarctica, is a compact arena map set within a remote scientific outpost. This is where Overwatch hero and climatologist, Mei spent years.

Oasis: Shining jewel of prosperity surrounded by a lifeless desert. It is an advanced city founded by scientists located in the Arabian desert of the Middle East.

The new Arcade Mode will have various activities to take part in like a 3V3, 6V6, and Elimination mode. Both the 3V3 and 6V6 mode will have random hero selection, and the Elimination mode will see a perm- death take place if you die, leaving you dead for the rest of the match. All these new modes will surely bring back a few players to the causal side of the game, as the competitive mode has seen the serious players stay behind, and the causal players abandon the game. Check out what noobs thought of the game when it originally released:

Heroes Of The Storm

Two new heroes will be entering the realms of Azeroth later this year in Heroes of the Storm. Ragnaros and King Varian Wrynn. King Varian is the first completely versatile character to enter the game’s roster. He can tank, support, and damage in the field. He would be the perfect hero for players who are still struggling to find their perfect role. Ragnaros is a new assassin hero that has the ability to control your team forts, as well as the enemy forts. Ragnaros is all about fire, and he has plenty of it to go around.


The latest expansion pack called Mean Streets of Gadgetzan will be launching soon for Heroes of the Storm. The new expansion pack will feature nine new tri-class cards, 132 brand new cards, and three factions. Each faction will have a wide variety of new cards with new abilities that will change the way you arrange your decks. The expansion will launch in late November.

World Of Warcraft

Mischief the Fel Kitty

Apart from the countless changes coming in patch 7.3 Blizzard also announced that it is working hard on blurring the lines between the World of Warcraft expansions, to make the experience more seamless. The developers have also created a pretty cute Legion kitten that you can buy as an in-game pet. This adorable little pet not only looks like a cute evil cat, but all its proceeds will go towards the Make a Wish Foundation. Honestly, the news on World of Warcraft was a bit dull, but we just got an awesome expansion, so we are all busy playing that. Check out what we thougt about playing this exciting game for the first time:

Let us know below what your favorite was announcement from BlizzCon. We loved the news about Diablo III and Overwatch the best.

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