Back in 1903 Henry Ford started it all when he opened the first commercial automobiles company in the world. We are talking about over one hundred years ago. Ford has grown beyond measure since then and has paved the way for many other car companies to join the race.

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You see Ford is taking back its heritage in South Africa, and it is thanks to the support of all the countless vintage car owners, that this has been possible.


Ford entered South Africa in 1904, just a year after the company was founded in Detroit. The Model A was imported, but a year later Arkell & Douglass in Port Elizabeth was appointed official agent for Ford. It was then that Ford began importing other models such as the Mode C, F, K, N, R, S, and Model T. Fast forward a few years, and Ford has gone from its R2 million factory in Port Elizabeth in 1930, to being a multi-billion rand company in South Africa.


It’s exciting that Ford is going back to its roots, as the company is responsible for driving the motor indusrty forward, and very few manufacturers can boast the history that Ford has. Take a look at some of the stunning Ford cars in the gallery below:

These days Ford has some more advanced vehicles, but it maintains the same quality it has had for years in producing only the best and safest automobiles. We particularly like the new Ranger Auto which is one of the most high tech bakkies currently on the market. The company uses innovative technology combined with years of experience in creating reliable, safe, and awesomely designed cars. The company even uses cool camoflaging wrap material to protect its trade secrets.

Are you a fan of the car company that started it all? Drop us a comment and let us know what your fondest Ford memory is.


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