Apple users have had some time to get used to the iPhone 7 by now, and the response appears to be pretty strong. We certainly love it and sales have been robust. However, as much as people love certain features about the iPhone 7 – including the water resistance, the beauty of the new colours, the camera power, and the display – there is one thing that not many people seem to be talking about and that is iPhone 7 gaming. The iPhone 7 is also an important device for mobile gamers.

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This is because iPhone 7 gaming boasts close to console quality gaming capabilities, at least as far as this is possible on a mobile device. Naturally, there are some gamers who turn their noses up at this kind of statement. iPhone 7 gaming can never truly match the size and scope and gameplay of a console experience. But in terms of visual pop and processing power, iPhone 7 gaming appears to be unrivaled in the smartphone market. This is a device where games look like the real deal.

But why is this important beyond the obvious benefit of higher quality? Here are a few specific reasons.

Specific Games Can Aim Higher

We already know that Apple unveiled a new game (Oz: Broken Kingdom) along with the iPhone 7, showing off the phone’s powerful processor through a brand new experience. We also know that there are additional new games on the way, headlined by Super Mario Run.

iPhone 7 Gaming

This point goes without saying, but particularly with the Mario announcement, Apple seems to be drawing more of a line than usual between pre- and post- iPhone 7 gaming. iPhone 7 gaming won’t just make existing games look and feel nicer, but will facilitate the development of newer and better iPhone 7 gaming experiences.

Real Money iPhone 7 Gaming Can Advance

The concept of real money iPhone 7 gaming isn’t on everybody’s radar just yet, because it’s only legal in certain regions. However, for those who might not be familiar with this industry, it’s worth noting that mobile casino gaming has come a long way. Once upon a time the genre consisted largely of fake money slot reels and a handful of lazily constructed poker sites. Now, there are platforms offering more comprehensive collections of casino games. The table iPhone 7 gaming selection at Betfair demonstrates this trend well, showing blackjack, craps, roulette, and other options that can be played for real money, and through mobile devices. As this wing of the mobile gaming industry continues to improve and expand, the capabilities of iPhone 7 gaming to offer a realistic and sharp experience, will be even more appreciated.

Preparation For More Popularity

Finally, it’s also important to note that the iPhone 7’s boost in gaming capability is coming at pretty much the perfect time. It seems that mobile gaming is growing steadily more popular, and this year we saw the most popular single game of all time in Pokémon GO. With things trending toward more headline apps (keep in mind, Super Mario Run hasn’t even come out yet), the most important thing about iPhone 7 gaming might be that it’s poised to take advantage of the next wave of hits.

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