Today, most of us are glued to our smartphones. We have forgotten how to go out, have dinner, or use the bathroom without our smartphones. But in the old days, people never had the luxury of connectivity. Old movies like Lord Of The Rings, Psycho, Castaway, The Shining, Fight Club, The Ring, and Jingle All The Way didn’t feature any of the devices we so heavily rely on today.

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But what if old movies contain smartphones? One thing’s for sure, the old movie plots would have a dramatic change if smartphones formed part of production.

Lord Of The Rings

Old Movies

Frodo wouldn’t need an entire fellowship to guide him to destroy the one Ring. If smartphones excited, Frodo would just need to install a navigation app like Google Maps to guide him on his quest to save Middle Earth, but then there wouldn’t have been three of these epic, old movies.

 Fight Club

Old Movies

When these old movies were released, people weren’t as obsessed with sharing every aspect of their lives on social media like they are today. In fact, when Fight Club was released in 1999, Facebook was still a distant dream and flip phones were the best tech to feature in old movies from that time. If smartphones were around, then it wouldn’t have been too hard for The Narrator to figure out that he was in fact, Tyler.

Jingle All The Way

Old Movies

This is one of those old movies you probably watch every year around Christmas time. If only Howard had a smartphone, he could’ve easily searched for a Turbo Man online and have had it delivered on the same day. But then we wouldn’t have old movies to watch to get us into the Christmas mood.


Old Movies

Old movies were pretty creepy, especially Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. The whole scary scenario could’ve been avoided had Marion had a smartphone on which she could’ve checked what a horrible place the Bates Motel is.

The Shining

Old Movies

Another one of the old movies which would have a completely chilled plot if smartphones excited is The Shining. Mobile gaming would make Jack a little more playful.


Old Movies

The old movies focused a lot on the ability to get lost or isolated from society. Smartphones have made the world even more connected than ever and it has become extremely hard to become disconnected. If smartphones excited when Chuck Noland and Wilson got stuck on a remote island then, apart from being able to call for help, he could keep entertained while he waits for rescue.

The Ring

Old Movies

One Google search would’ve shown the characters that The Ring tape is one of the old movies you don’t want to watch.

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