Pokemon GO popularity has slightly dwindled in the last few months, but was rekindled thanks to the Pokemon GO Halloween event. Players were encouraged to return to the game and fresh faces found the event an intriguing time to start playing. Now, dataminers have dug up evidence in the mobile game’s code that could suggest Pokemon GO daily quests.

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These Pokemon GO daily quests could be a further push for players to hop onboard the Pokemon train which is full steam ahead. The dataminers found a few lines of code which could suggest that we could be participating in Pokemon Go daily quests soon when a new update rolls out.

By combing through the code, it was found that future versions of the game could include three types of Pokemon GO daily quests:

  1. First Catch Of The Day
  2. First PokeStop Of The Day
  3. Unknown Pokemon GO daily quests

It’s currently still unconfirmed how the rewards system will look like for completing Pokemon GO daily quests, with the code only referencing “INCUBATORS”. The rewards for completing Pokemon GO daily quests could be anything, but here’s a list of possibilities:

Pokemon GO daily quests reward items like Potions or PokeBalls

Coins for completing Pokemon GO daily quests

Candies for completing Pokemon GO daily quests

Item packs for completing a number of Pokemon GO daily quests in a row,


Let us know in the comments section which rewards you would want for completing Pokemon GO daily quests.

The new feature can be turned on at any time by Niantic Inc. according to the dataminers, so we’re really hoping the update rolls out soon.

We reckon this update could be perfect to keep players coming back for more. Mobile games that offer daily quests offer players the incentive to return on a daily basis, because who wants to quit a winning streak?

The most recent, big Pokemon GO update saw the introduction of the Buddy system which was received to luke-warm reviews by players and gaming critics.

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