Sony’s mid-entry console move is surprising to say the least. Every 3rd year of its console cycle, the company has slimmed down its console, but this year it both slimmed down the console, and is releasing a more powerful model, the PS4 Pro.

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It is important to know just what the PS4 Pro is all about. The PS4 Pro is a more powerful PlayStation 4 with double the processing power of the current PS4. This allows the PS4 Pro to render higher resolutions such as 4K, as well as produce greater visual fidelity with HDR. The PS4 Pro will have both enhancements to 4K, and 1o80p games, so the console is not limited to the TV in use.

Do You Own A 4K TV?

The PS4 Pro has been mainly built for 4K TVs. It has double the processing power of the PS4 Slim, which gives the PS4 Pro the ability to output native 4K, or even upscaled 4K. This would all be useless without a 4K TV, but there is one major feature that will be useful to you if you don’t own a 4K TV, and that is the enhanced 1080p modes.

PS4 Pro

Many of the games coming out, and current titles, will have separate graphics options for those who are using their PS4 Pro on the 1080p display. These graphics modes will see games run at 60fps, with visual enhancements such as ambient occlusions, water reflections, sharper images with the use of super sampling, and other HDR tweaks. This means that it will sacrifice the ability to output the 4K, to power up the game’s other features. Those of you with a 4K display, will be able to choose from playing the game in 4K, or using this 1080p enhanced mode.

Do You Want Better 1080p Visuals?

PS4 Pro

This is something that every PS4 owner should ask themselves. The PS4 Pro will be able to run every game slightly better than the PS4 Slim, and when new games come out next year, they would have been specifically tweaked to make use of the power the PS4 Pro packs. Sony has assured us that the older PS4 consoles will not suffer from the inability to perform certain tasks in these games, and the limitations to the enhancements between the PS4 Pro and Slim, can only be graphical. This means that you should not expect PS4 Pro games to be completely different from the normal games; the core game will still be the same.

How Old Is Your PS4?

For those of you who just bought your PS4, this is now an issue. You just got your console and there is another one on the market. But consider this: by the time March 2017 rolls around, we will have so many games that have been developed with the PS4 Pro in mind, that the graphical differences will be astonishing. That is when the upgrade might seem like an attractive buy for you.

PlayStation 4

If you have owned a PS4 for a while, and you feel that a new console purchase can happen, then the PS4 Pro will be the model to go with.  Granted that the console will be more expensive than the PS4 Slim that comes in at R5199. Expect to pay R6999 for the PS4 Pro.

What About PSVR?

PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR is a massive hit, and the PS4 Pro will take advantage of it by bypassing the processor unit on the PSVR, and outputting enhanced visuals to the headset directly from the console itself. This means that if you have a PS4 Pro, and a PSVR, your gaming sessions will have the upper hand to playing a standard PS4.

Keep in mind, the PSVR headset display is capped at 1080p, so you will not play 4K games on the headset.


  • The PS4 Pro will work on 1080p screens.
  • The PS4 Pro will be able to enhance visuals in either 4K or 1080p enhanced modes.
  • All PS4 models will support HDR.
  • PSVR will benefit from the power of PS4 Pro.
  • PS4 Pro will require a 4K TV to display 4K enabled games, but an HD or 4K TV to display 1080p enhancements.
  • PS4 Pro will cost R6999 in South Africa.

Are you picking up a PS4 Pro up when it releases in SA next month? Let us know in the comments below.

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