Abstinence has been proven time and time again as an ineffective sex educational tool. A new report by Yfoundations shows that the same applies to educating teens about sexting dangers.

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Yfoundations is a young person’s policy group and the report was prepared by Youth Health Sector Support Officer, Jessie Hunt. The report explores various digital topics including, sexting dangers, how young people interact online and with other digital technologies and so on. The report explains that sexting dangers have been a concern for parents, educators, and other child advocates ever since the term was coined back in 2005. Various forms of sexual education has been employed in the past decade to try to inform young people of sexting dangers, but most programs and campaigns have been largely unsuccessful. The reason, according to the report, why these sexting dangers campaigns aren’t working to inform young people is bacause of their ‘abstinence-only’ approach.

So if scaring teens about sexting dangers and following an abstinence approach is unsuccessful, what can be done to inform young people? The report suggests a more open-minded approach to informing and educating young people about sexting dangers and how to practice safe digital sex. The report considers how youth workers, teachers and others working with young people can engage in sex positive digital sex education. This approach involves positively engaging with young people about their digital sexual cultures without shame or judgment, whilst emphasizing vital messages about respect, consent, and boundaries.

Along with the above suggestions to curb sexting dangers amongst young people, the report also gives adapted principles and a sample workshop. The report suggests a more cooperative, respectful, and intellectual approach to teaching young people about sexting dangers and digital sexual expression in general.

Drop us a comment and let us know what you think the best approach is to informing and educating young people about sexting dangers and safely expressing themselves sexually in the digital space?

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