Although we as adults cannot get enough of the latest Skylanders Imaginators, the game is actually made for kids aged seven and up. We took our favorite young gamers and asked them what they thought about Skylanders Imaginators. Apart from loving every moment, they did find some parts of Skylanders Imaginators challenging. Some of them battled to grasp the platforming, but overall they loved Skylanders Imaginators.

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The best part about Skylanders Imaginators was the ability to create your own Skylanders, and the kids loved that the most. They all thought Skylanders Imaginators was amazing in general, and the ability to use all your old Skylanders just made it so much better. Take a look at our full video review below.

Skylanders Imaginators is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360. We recently covered how the game is great for kids, as it is both educational and fun. We also touched on what Skylanders toys work with the latest game. So if you are interested in getting the latest installment then take a look We will have our review up later this week, so stay tuned to see what we think of it, but if the the kids had to decide, then we guess you should be sold.

What games are you currently enjoying with your kids? Do you consider gaming as a fun family or bonding activity with your kids? Drop us a comment and let us know if you think gaming is good for kids.

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