The latest Skylanders: Imaginators is out, and that means that the Skylanders toys has increased. What Skylanders toys from previous games can be used on the latest Skylanders game? We have put a guide together so that you know what you can play in Skylanders: Imaginators, if you owned the past games and Skylanders toys from the series.

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Backwards Compatibility

Skylanders is backwards compatible, so that means that if you own any Skylanders toys from previous games, then they will work. There are restrictions to how you use the Skylanders toys, however, especially when it comes to the main Skylander’s ability.

Every new Skylander game introduces a new featured set of Skylanders toys. Take Skylanders: Trap Team, for example, the Trap Master Skylander toys will work, but their Trap Master abilities to open up specific areas, will not work. Imaginators features similar areas, but these areas will need the Sensai Skylander toys to unlock.

When it comes to extra accessories like the Traps from Trap Team, they are still compatible with Imaginators, however you will need to use the portal from Superchargers to get them to work, and they only work in the racing portion of the game. This is because the portal that comes with Imaginators does not have a slot for the Traps. The Skylanders Toys Portals, those USB trays that are used to summon the Skylanders toys into the game, are also fully compatible with Imaginators. However, the only portal that will not work with Imaginators is the portal that came with Skylanders Trap Team.

Skylanders Toys

The main idea here is that all the Skylanders toys that release for that current year’s game, example Skylanders: Imaginators, will only work for that year’s game. It is the opposite for Skylanders toys that released the previous years. All Skylanders toys released in the past years, will be compatible with the new year’s release. So up to now, Skylanders: Imaginators is the latest, which means that all the Skylanders toys released up to now, will work on the game, but Crash Bandicoot (released with Imaginators) will not work with Superchargers.


We will have more content on Skylanders this week, along with a full video to show off the game’s awesome kid-friendly gameplay. The latest game in the series, Skylanders: Imaginators, is available now on PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Find out how to play HERE.

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