An Elder Scrolls game is so packed with content that it is sometimes hard to separate the good stuff from the okay stuff. This counts for weaponry, armor, and other items. The latest release, Skyrim Special Edition has been keeping us up until all hours of the morning. We have been hard at work collecting the most unique and best Skyrim special edition weapons in the game, so you know where to find them. Here are the best Skyrim special edition weapons.

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Blade Of Woe

Skyrim special edition weapons

The Blade of Woe is one of the must-have Skyrim special edition weapons for anyone who enjoys using daggers. The blade can be obtained by completing the Dark Brotherhood quest called “Death Incarnate”, or defeating Astrid to loot the blade off him, or pick-pocketing him. The blade is very strong, but at the same time its enchantment lets it sap health from enemies when you hit them. It can also be upgraded without the use of ingots. If you do happen to get this blade, hang onto it or store it at your home, as it is one of the best Skyrim special edition weapons.

Mehrunes Razor

Skyrim special edition weapons

Skyrim special edition contains all the DLC, which means that the awesome Mehrunes Razor, which was exclusive to the Dragonborn DLC, can be obtained. This is one of the Skyrim special edition weapons that forms part of a main quest in the add-on and can only be obtained if you decide to kill Silus Vesuius. If you keep him alive, he will place the dagger in a showcase after you have built it, and you will not be able to get it. The weapon has an instant kill effect. There is a 2% chance of this taking place, which is decent for a fast attack weapon.

Lunar Iron/Steel Mace

Skyrim special edition weapons

The Lunar Iron Mace might be a simple blunt weapon, but its ability to burn targets while wielding the weapon at night, makes it very effective and one of our Skyrim special edition weapons. The Mace can be obtained near the Lunar Forge quite early on in the game. Keep in mind however, it scales up to level 6, so it is one of those Skyrim special edition weapons you want early on in the game to help you out until level 8 or so.  You can also pick up the Lunar Steel Mace from level 4 onwards, which scales to above level 8, so if you are going to wait to get the weapon, the pay off might be better.


Skyrim special edition weapons

This is probably one of the coolest-looking Skyrim special edition weapons when it comes to swords. The blade looks like a glass weapon, but instead is blue and lets off a frozen frost animation when equipped. The blade can be found inside the tunnels under the Riftweald Manor during the quest The Pursuit. The weapon is great no matter what level you get it on, but it would be wise to pick it up much later in your game at level 46, as it has the highest damage, as well as the strongest effect. The blade’s special effect lets you deal frost damage, as well as a chance to paralyze your opponent in ice for 2 seconds


Skyrim special edition weapons

If you are going to head out and go on a dragon killing spree, then the Dragonbane is the sword you need. The weapon has a unique effect that deals extra damage to dragons, as well as 10 extra shock damage at the same time.  You will be slicing and dicing dragons in no time. To obtain the sword, you will need to find it in Sky Haven Temple during the “Alduin’s Wall” quest.


Skyrim special edition weapons

After defeating Kvenel the Tongue in the ruins of Volunruud, you will get the Okin. This massive one-handed war axe has a unique ability deals frost damage to health and stamina. What makes it one of the best Skyrim special edition weapons, is that the it’s a one-handed axe, with the power of a two-handed weapon. Anyone who enjoys the power of a two-handed weapon, could find themselves switching to a one hand and shield build.

Steel Battleaxe Of Fiery Souls

Skyrim special edition weapons

Those of you who are more for two-handed Skyrim special edition weapons, you might like this beauty. The Steel Battleaxe of Fiery Souls is exactly what is says it is, it is an a battleaxe that sets souls on fire. When you kill an enemy within 5 seconds, you trap their soul into a Soul Gem. It also deals fire damage of 10 points.  You can find this weapon behind the throne in the main chamber where Warlord Gathrik sits.

Auriel’s Bow

Skyrim special edition weapons

If you are heading in a crypt and just so happen to wield a bow build, then Auriel’s Bow could be your lifesaver. The bow deals 20 pints of sun damage to enemies, and deals triple damage to undead targets. This includes Draugh, skeletons, and the odd undead dragon. The bow was originally part of the Dawngaurd DLC, and be obtained during the “Touching the Sky” quest after defeating Arch-Curate Vyrthur.



The Wabbajack is probably the most useless staff in the game. It is so much fun to use thanks to its unpredictable attack. This Deadric Artifact can be obtained by completing the Mind of Madness questline. When attacking with it, it can have any random attack from fireball, thunderbolt, to even bringing a dead enemy back to life round you. Sometimes the staff even turns enemies into cheese. Yes, cheese.

Skyrim: Special Edition is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Are you playing and which are your favourite Skyrim special edition weapons? Let us know in the comments below.

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