In a year filled with FPS games, and RPGs, Ubisoft has taken the road less traveled with its latest snow sports game. Steep looked like something for the serious gamer, but after we tried it, everything changed. The days of playing SSX, and arcade sports games returned in Steep as we climbed the snowy hills, and made our way down the mountain the best way possible, in a wing suit. You’re able to then opened you parachute and land, to only switch to a snowboard and go the rest of the way down in style. Watch a cool 6-minute gameplay video we made of Steep below:

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Steep’s open world is gorgeous, given that is is just a bunch of snowy mountains. Its easy-to-use controls and quick access to the different types of equipment, made Steep very enjoyable. There was no complications with the Steep beta, which is a good sign for the final game.

Controls in Steep were hard to get the hang of first, but by the time you’ve played around with each type of sport, it was natural. The score challenges that required a set amount of score to be obtained by performing tricks, was tough at first, but after a few fails, it was easy. Timing the jump perfectly right before the edge of a ramp or roof of a house, was the hardest part of it, but the tricks themselves just needed a flick of a button to pull off.

Steep is looking to be a pretty cool game that pays tribute to all those epic snow sports games from the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 days. We can’t wait to play the full Steep game when it releases on 02 December 2016 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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