The original Titanfall was welcomed with great reception. The only issue is that we in South Africa did not get to experience it. Due to data servers and the lack thereof, the original game did not officially launch in South Africa. That doesn’t matter though, because Titanfall 2 is everything the original game was not. Its stellar single player campaign and flawless multiplayer offering make Titanfall 2 probably the best FPS game to hit shelves this year. Dare we say even better than Battlefield 1.

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Platforms:  PC, PS4, Xbox One

Developer: Respawn Interactive

Publisher: EA Games

DistributorPrima Interactive

Release Date: 28 October 2016

PEGI: 18

Price: R1150

Titanfall 2’s single player offering is new to the series. The original game had no campaign at all, rather it stuck to its multiplayer alone. Right from the first mission you’re introduced to a beautiful world.

Titanfall 2 Review

Controlling your Atlas Titan named BT-7274 across the planet, could not have felt better. Jumping out of his chest to dash across a wall, and then pop a load of lead into the enemies on the other side, was seamless.

Every mission in Titanfall 2 had the right amount of flavor to make it awesome. The boss fights that happen throughout the campaign are also interesting enough to keep you going to the next one.

If you had played the original, them much of the weaponry would be familiar to you in Titanfall 2, but there are tons of new weapons and grenades to pick up. BT-7274 has a couple of loadouts that you can collect along the way. Each time you retrieve a big weapon, that weapon will change his attack, as well as core abilities. It is a nice way to experience all the Titans, which are unlockable in the multiplayer, before actually jumping into it. The pilot weapons in the campaign are also so much fun to use. Tossing a Shuriken-looking grenade at an enemy that bursts into fire, and then following it up with a laser sniper shot, was really enjoyable. The ability to run along any wall, doubled with the fact that your pilot is very fast normally, gives everything you do more speed and agility. It was just pure fun, accompanied by stunning environments to play around in.

Titanfall 2 Review

There is so much going on in Titanfall 2, that it is hard to keep up with what is actually taking place. The characters you meet in Titanfall 2 look cool, but they fail to come to life as they are meant to.

The multiplayer in Titanfall 2 has been polished up, and expanded on since the original game. Gone are the lack of game modes, gone are the lack of customization options, and welcome to a more balanced and user-friendly experience.

Titanfall 2 is no Call of Duty, and it is clear from the start as you enter a battlefield. The maps are massive and make great use of the traversing, and the Titans you will call down to aid you. The fast, fluid movement, with the wide variety of character classes and abilities, is what makes the multiplayer stand out above other shooters on the market.

Titanfall 2

A big change in Titanfall 2 is the tweaks to the Titans themselves. They feel breakable compared the original as it took a while, with quite the load of ammunition, to take them down. You can now deal damage while on the back of an enemy Titan, as you pull out its battery, taking down its shield. You then jump off, run between a building that the Titan cannot enter, then slowly pick his health off bit-by0bit. It is tense to say the least, but so much fun whether you are in your Titan, or on foot.

Pilot Boosts have replaced the old Burn Cards, and provide a more balanced match. This new feature gives you perks, abilities, and powers that are unlocked at specific times, depending on the Pilot Boost. Health bonuses, Titan cooldown timers, and even equipping specific weapons for a short amount of time. Then Pilot Boosts are just a small part of a bigger customization system in Titanfall 2 that lets you really get into your character’s class and ability. Six Titan models, or chassis to choose from, will make sure you have one you love, and the new ones in Titanfall 2 are great to play with.

Titanfall 2 Review

The new modes add the much-need variety to Titanfall 2. The Attrition mode returns that sees you fight waves of AI. Bounty Hunt is a new fast-paced, currency driven mode in Titanfall 2 that sees you hunt down AI enemies, while your opposing team do the same. The game mode is brilliant, and will keep you going back to play Titanfall 2 for months.


Titanfall 2 does not suffer from an identity crisis. It knows what it is, and what it wants, and delivers that all in an action-packed, fast paced package that comes with a stellar campaign, and an enjoyable multiplayer. If Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare or Battlefield 1 have failed to curb your appetite, then Titanfall 2 will satisfy your senses.

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Titanfall 2 Review: Standby For Awesome
Titanfall 2 is the most explosive and action packed FPS to land this year.
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