2016 has been the year of the reboot with popular franchises like Ghostbusters and Pokémon GO making a comeback after years of being part of nostalgic pop culture. A reboot or reunion many have been begging for is Will and Grace. The adored Will and Grace show hasn’t been around since it wrapped its 8th season 10 years ago.

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It seems like Donald Trump running for President of the United States of America was all we needed for the original cast and crew to reunite to discuss the hilarity of the situation.

Both Will and Grace lead cast members, Debra Mensing and Eric McCormack returned to reprise their iconic roles of two best friends, Grace Adler and Will Truman dealing with life in New York City. Megan Mullaly and Sean Hayes who portray the roles of Karen Walker and Jack McFarlan also make an appearance in the Will and Grace reunion. This lovable, but uninformed duo are obviously ignorant to the importance of electing a proper President to run the country, with Karen being friendly with the Trumps. Will and Grace try to inform them of Trump’s questionable behaviour of insulting many different individuals as well as groups of people. Will and Grace also explain what a great candidate Hilary Clinton is, but the only thing that gets Jack to listen to them is the fact that Katy Perry supports Hilary Clinton.

Besides explaining to Karen and Jack why Donald Trump is not a great candidate to run for President, Will and Grace also weigh in on other breaking news like the Brangelina split. This is really upsetting to Jack who feels the Hollywood couple is stealing his thunder with their split coinciding with his. The cast of Will and Grace further discuss Ryan Lochte’s Dancing With The Stars misfortune and other current pop culture news.

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