With the festive season in full swing, and everyone looking for the best shopping deals this Christmas, why not pick up a Telkom FreeMe deal instead? Telkom offers some great prices on cellphones, and mobile data. Here are a few of the best FreeMe deals you can grab from Telkom.

Telkom FreeMe Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime

The best deal you can grab from Telkom right now is the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime for a steal of R189 per month. The device comes with the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime that has 16GB internal storage, a fingerprint scanner, and a 13MP camera. As for the FreeMe additions, you get free WhatsApp messages, free calls to Telkom mobiles and landlines, and unlimited WiFi at Telkom hotspots. The bundle also has a Samsung USB power bank included, to add even more value to the bundle.

Telkom FreeMe

The bundle comes with 1GB of data too, which is a big step up compared to what other providers offer for the same price. You can also buy extra data starting at R99 for 1GB, and going up to 20GB for R599.

Build your own FreeMe Package

If you are interested in other packages, then Telkom FreeMe has a cool method of building one that will suit your needs. All you need to do is head over to the creation page, and start creating your own perfect FreeMe bundle

Start buy selecting your desired monthly data bundle, that start at 1GB. Well done Telkom, most providers start at 200mb. Each FreeMe data bundle comes with free texts, free calls to Telkom Mobile numbers and Telkom Landlines, and the lower data bundles of 1GB, and 2GB, come with free Whatsapp calls and instant messaging.

Telkom FreeMe

When looking at the higher data bundles like the 10GB, 20Gb and unlimited plan, then things get even better. Apart from containing all the perks of the lower data bundles, they also come with other great perks like free calls to other network providers, itemized billing, and the unlimited data on the biggest package.

Then you can choose what device you want with the deal, and Telkom have them all. From the cheapest Samsung Galaxy A3, all the way to the most expensive, the iPhone 7 Plus 128GB. The possibilities and packages are endless really. Whatever you want, and whatever our budget, you can build on the site. We went with the 5GB FreeMe bundle, along with the iPhone 7 Plus 128GB, and it totaled R1099. That is R200 more than the lowest bundle available elsewhere, that comes with 200MB of data and 50 minutes. In theory we spend a good R500 on extra data and calls every month, this bundle would save us money.

In general Telkom FreeMe offers some great savings on mobile data and devices. Compared to other local network providers, the price is totally worth it.