When last did you give thought to what will happen to your body after you have taken your last breath? Though many people avoid the subject, others plan for the day they will be laid to rest by taking out funeral cover with a traditional burial in a coffin or cremation in mind, and only a few know about the many colourful alternatives you can have done with your body when you die.

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If you’re passionate about music for instance, you might not have known that, as a way to preserve your memory for your loved ones, you could have your ashes mixed with a solution used to make vinyl records. They are pressed into a copy of your favourite record allowing you to live on through music forever – this is a service offered by And Vinyly. Your loved ones can provide the soundtrack or have the service compose an original tune. Here are more interesting things you can do with your remains when you die.

Get Fed To Birds

If you like the sound of having your body nourish birds in a faraway land when you die, then you may find this way of laying your body to rest interesting. Sky burial is practised in Tibet and some places in Mongolia. The ritual involves leaving a dead body in the open where vultures and other birds can feed on the flesh. Your body is dismantled first to make it easier for the birds to eat. Though the ritual is decreasing in popularity, it is still practised and is considered as both grim and beautiful.


Would you be happy to have your remains spend eternity in the underwater world? If this sounds like the perfect option for you, the Eternal Reefs project can collect your remains and mix them with an environmentally-safe cement mixture designed to form artificial reef formations on which coral can grow underwater. Your family can select any permitted ocean location where the Eternal Reefs can be placed, or you can choose a location while you’re still alive.

Become A Fireworks Display

Love the idea of leaving this world with a bang? Overseas companies like Heavens Above Fireworks can mix parts of your ashes with combustible powder of spectacular fireworks for farewell displays. You can choose the type of fireworks display you would like to be sent off with. And in case you’re wondering, human ashes don’t have the potential to explode, but your ashes can be integrated into professional fireworks for a colourful celebration.

Now you’re probably really thinking about what you’d like to have done with your body when you pass away. If you don’t desire being buried in a coffin, you can find out about more interesting things around what can be done with your remains on ‘The Incredible Things You can now do With Your Remains‘ from Hippo.co.za.

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