Pokemon GO, the popular mobile game which hit the world by storm this year, encourages players to get up and be more active. In fact, players of the popular mobile game have walked nearly 9 billion kilometers. The mobile game has received many cool updates since its launch earlier this year and even has its own dedicated Pokemon GO Plus wearable. But one of the most anticipated updates is finally here – the Pokemon GO Apple Watch app.

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Pokemon GO Apple Watch

The Pokemon GO Apple Watch app was released earlier this week, and, after playing around with it for a bit, we realised that it is a great app for exercising. We’re so excited that Pokemon GO encourages players to be more active, seeing as gamers have a bad rep for being unhealthy hermits.

With the new mobile game, you don’t have the option to be lazy and the Pokemon GO Apple Watch version is even more of an encouragement to exercise. Niantic Inc. has stated that the Pokemon GO Apple Watch version “seamlessly combines gameplay and imagination with exercising and exploring the real world“.

Here’s how to use the Pokemon GO Apple Watch version as an exercise app and catch ’em all, while you become more healthy and active.

Step 1: Download The Pokemon GO Apple Watch App

All you need to do to get the Pokemon GO Apple Watch version is update the mobile game to the latest version on your iPhone HERE.

Once you’ve updated:

Open your Apple Watch app on your iPhone > Pokemon GO > Show App On Apple Watch.

Step 2: Know Your Stats

The Pokemon GO Apple Watch version actually further encourages activity by letting players log their Pokemon GO hunting sessions as Workouts which will count towards users’ Activity rings.

Pokemon GO Apple Watch

Gamification of fitness has never been this easy thanks to the Pokemon GO Apple Watch version and you’re able to get useful health and fitness info like how far you’ve walked, how long your Pokemon GO Apple Watch workout was, how many calories you’ve burned, etc..

Step 3: Start A Pokemon GO Apple Watch Workout

The great thing about the new Pokemon GO Apple Watch version is that it tracks important health and fitness info like we explained above. This info is captured when you hit start on your Pokemon GO Apple Watch app, which then starts a Pokemon GO hunting session.

To increase the workout you get from your Pokemon GO Apple Watch, ensure you have a clear route in mind which contains tons of Pokestops and have known Pokemon spawning areas. Once you have your path in mind, start either running or briskly walking to each Pokestop. Use Pokestops as exercise pitstops doing a set of some of your favourite exercises like squads or situps. Obviously, ensure that it is safe to do all of this in terms of health and security. If you’re unsure, check out our Pokemon GO safety tips and visit a doctor before you do any exercises.

Step 4: Set Pokemon And Fitness Goals

To help encourage you and to keep you interested, it’s a good idea to set realistic goals for yourself.

As you get the hang of your Pokemon GO Apple Watch workouts and you start to feel yourself getting bored with your chosen route, start exploring other areas of your neighbourhood. You will be encouraged to catch more Pokemon, visit new and exciting areas, and rack up kilometers, all while getting a good workout in. Try to reach a fitness and Pokemon goal at the same time. For instance, set out to run 10KM and catch 20 Pokemon a week for a month, and gradually increase your goals, giving you the satisfaction of achievement, making the Pokemon GO Apple Watch workout even more rewarding and enjoyable.

Have you been doing Pokemon GO Apple Watch workouts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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