The galaxy lost an icon last night with the sad and untimely passing of actress and mental health actvisit, Carrie Fisher. The fierce actress was best known for her role as the iconic Princess Leia Organa from the popular Star Wars franchise. In honour of her beautiful memory, we decided to remember our favourite Princess Leia moment as she was our favourite princess by far.

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A New Hope

Princess Leia

This was the Star Wars movie that started it all in 1977. Carrie Fisher was fierce, yet we still wanted to root for her in her first appearance as Princess Leia in this popular movie directed by George Lucas and starring all the original cast members. We particularly like how sassy Princess Leia is when she is captured by Darth Vader while trying to send a message to Obi-Wan Kenobi. We also get to see her buns – the hairstyle that has probably been copied as much as Rachel’s from Friends.

Saving Han

Princess Leia

Princess Leia proved that anyone, regardless of their gender, sometimes need a helping hand. When Han Solo (portrayed by Harrison Ford) was imprisoned by Jabba the Hut in Return of the Jedi, she leads the rescue mission, showing off how fearless, brave and daring she is.

Gold Bikini

Princess Leia

Although she might be in a vulnerable position here, we loved how gorgeous Princess Leia looked in her now famous gold bikini. She ends up kicking some major ass in this memorable look, proving that she could do anything in any situation and was never a damsel in distress.

I love you, I know

Princess Leia

When Princess Leia and Han Solo finally admit their feelings to each other in Empire Strikes back, Han had to be stubborn about it. But Princess Leia takes it all in stride like the badass she is.

General Leia

Princess Leia

When we see Princess Leia again in the latest movie, The Force Awakens, she has been hard at work still trying to fight the evils of the Empire and the Dark Side of the Force. We were delighted to see she is now the General and founder of the resistance against the evil First Order.

Our thoughts go out to her family and fans who will miss Carrie Fisher. May the Force be with you. If you feel like sharing your favourite Princess Leia moment, drop us a comment below and lets remember this iconic character together.

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