If you asked us last year what PS4 accessories would be cool, we would have no idea what to tell you. However as the year has gone on, there are so many cool things you can buy for your PS4, that we thought it would be cool to highlight some our favourite PS4 accessories.

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Longer USB Cable

The DualShock 4’s battery life is rather lackluster to be honest, and even more so when you are playing vibration-intense games like FPS titles. So now that your controller is flat, you will need to sit up and get close to your console in order to charge it, well not anymore, as there are a few brand that sell really long cables, so you don’t have to sit close anymore.


Gioteck sells a cable which is ample length for any gaming setup. This way you can stay in the same spot, and charge your controller. This is one of those PS4 accessories every lazy gamer needs.


The PlayStation VR is set to change the way we use virtual reality in our homes, and we will be able to play with these cool PS accessories when they launch in South Africa on 24 January 2017. The PlayStation VR headset will retail for R6 999 with the base model coming with just the headset. You will need to purchase the other PS4 accessories like the PlayStation VR Move Controllers and a PlayStation VR Camera separately, as they will be needed to function the device. Most games can be played with a DualShock 4, but games like Batman VR, will need the Move Controllers. All PlayStation VR games will need the camera as it is used to track the headset.

PS4 Stand

We do not recommend standing your PS4 up vertically without a stand, as it blocks the vents and in this South African heat, it could be a problem. There are a few PS4 accessories stands out there, which range from a typical stand, to a proper gaming setup stand. Take the Smatree stand, for example, it comes with a cool PS4 accessories bundle that includes controller grips for your DualShock 4, as well as the stand has fans to keep your console cool, and DualShock 4 docks, to put your controllers into to charge while you are not playing. It even has a few slots to keep your games in, for easy access.

PS4 Accessories

Charging Dock

A charging dock is one of those must-have PS4 accessories. If you get a DualShock controller dock, then you can just place your controllers into the dock while your PS4 is in Rest Mode and charge them both. These PS4 accessories are pretty cool, and, to make them even better, they use a standard USB, so you can just charge them using power from your TV, as well as your laptop. Anything really that uses a USB port.

PS4 Accessories

The ORB DualShock 4 dock is the standard when it comes to docks, as Sony does not make these PS4 accessories themselves, rather the ORB is an official PlayStation licensed product.


Sound is important in any game, and with every manufacturer making headphones out there, we thought it would be best to look at the PS4 accessories Sony has to offer. Sony has some awesome options when it comes to PS4 accessories for sound. The in-ear PlayStation Noise Cancellation earphones are great for someone who wants good sound, without the clumsiness of a headset.

PS4 Accessories

When it comes to PS4 accessories for headsets, the PlayStation Wireless Gold Headset 2.0 is by far the best around. It boasts 7.1 surround sound, as well as noise cancellation, and the ability to download and save preset sound options for each game. These PS4 accessories options maximize each sound output, to really get the most of each game.

Which PS4 accessories do you love?

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