There are nearly 2 billion children under the age of 15 living in the world, up from 1 billion in 1960. In fact, kids seem to be everywhere these days, but, strangely, the shockwaves of this population explosion – which shows no signs of abating – are being felt most acutely on the largely barren North Pole.

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A Source familiar with the matter, commented:

Santa is relying on the same technology just like 50 years ago, not only to make toys for twice as many kids, but also to distribute them. Every year his stomach is tied into a knot like a pretzel. Something’s got to give.

Or someone. Just in time for Santa’s busiest night – he currently has only 0.00004 seconds per child – GE proposed to create a digital twin for the old man, connect his toy factory and sleigh to Predix, optimise his flight path and, in general, take some of the pressure off. Predix, of course, is GE’s software gift to the industrial world.

Unlike Santa, it creates magical moments for companies every day. Spokesperson for GE Digital, Amy Sarosiek explains:

If Santa was using Predix, he would definitely be more efficient.

One of Santa’s green-clad employees admitted that “the perfect toy was once simply fiction.” But the GE pitch, which the company dispatched north over video, says elves could use Predix apps to figure out “what kids want now, and not later” and even reach for the Holy Grail of holidays: Determine which toy is best using the predictive power of analytics. Go figure!

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