We hardly ever use our devices to actually call people these days. You’re more likely to be using your devices to swipe and surf across various social media accounts and websites. That’s why the Telkom FreeMe deals are the best because they’re based on data.

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The Telkom FreeMe deals take into account that data is important to consumers. All the Telkom FreeMe deals are based on data. This means that each of the 6 Telkom FreeMe deals are priced according to how much data you will need, putting your needs fists and giving you great value for money. This also allows you to choose from one of the Telkom FreeMe deals which will work best for your needs and your bank account. Here is a quick breakdown of the different Telkom FreeMe deals you can get, each catering to a unique customer.

Telkom FreeMe Deals

As you can see, each of the Telkom FreeMe deals offer a data-first plan. You can start off small with 1GB or you can go big with an unlimited data option for R999 a month. Each of the Telkom FreeMe deals come with the following:

  • Free texts;
  • Free calls to other Telkom mobiles or landlines (the higher packages have free calls to all other South African networks too); and
  • Free Instant Messaging (WhatsApp, Viber and BBM).

Once you’ve decided which of the Telkom FreeMe deals suit your needs best, you can choose a device on which to use all your awesome new data. You can choose between great deals and devices, selecting something you’ll love for the next 24 months. If you sign up before 31 December 2016 and choose a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge then you’ll get a Gear VR or accessories kit for free.

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