Christmas couldn’t come sooner with the great Telkom FreeMe deals. Here are 3 reasons you should take advantage of the Telkom FreeMe deals today.

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You Get Free Stuff

As the name suggests, the Telkom FreeMe deals give you more than just a cellphone contract. With the Telkom FreeMe deals you get a free device, 1GB of mobile data, plus:

  • Free WhatsApp;
  • Free Telkom to Telkom calls, including mobiles and landlines; and
  • Free Wifi at Telkom hotspots.

Customise Your Contract

The Telkom FreeMe deals offer you the ability to choose the deal that fits into your life perfectly. There are many options available to grab the best Telkom FreeMe deals right before Christmas.

Our favourite amongst the Telkom FreeMe deals currently on offer is the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime for a steal of R189 per month. The device comes with the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime that has 16GB internal storage, a fingerprint scanner, and a 13MP camera. As for the FreeMe additions, you get free WhatsApp messages, free calls to Telkom mobiles and landlines, and unlimited WiFi at Telkom hotspots. The bundle also has a Samsung USB power bank included, to add even more value to the bundle.

Build Your Package

If you’re keen on creating your own Telkom FreeMe package then you’re able to do just that. Check out the creation page, and start creating your own perfect FreeMe package.

Start by selecting your desired monthly data bundle, which start at 1GB. Each Telkom FreeMe data bundle comes with free texts, free calls to Telkom mobile numbers and Telkom landlines, and free instant messaging.

Once you’ve build the best Telkom FreeMe package you can choose a device. Telkom has them all, from the cheapest Samsung Galaxy A3, all the way to the most expensive, the iPhone 7 Plus 128GB.

The possibilities and packages are endless really. Whatever you want, and whatever your budget, you can build the perfect package with the Telkom FreeMe deals.

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