2016 has come and gone. We had a ton of tech thrown at us last year, and the 2017 tech trends are looking pretty exciting too.

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The 2017 tech trends are sure to wow and amaze us and these are the developments we will be keeping a close eye on.

Smart Homes And IoT

One of the most talked about 2017 tech trends is smart home technology. With Amazon having Alexa, Google Home and Facebook having developed Jarvis, smart homes and the technology behind them is one of the 2017 tech trends we reckon will dominate and will hopefully start becoming more commercialised.


VR and AR were huge trends already last year thanks to the popular AR mobile game, Pokemon GO as well as the release of cool VR headsets from leading manufacturers like Sony. We think that 2017 tech trends will continue to focus on enhancing the VR and AR experience and we will hopefully see the technology improve a lot this year.

More Big Data

Big Data might not be a new thing, but we reckon that it will be one of the 2017 tech trends that will see massive developments. One of the ways in which we see Big Data developing this year is by becoming more humanised and with improved computer learning capabilities.

Food Tech

One of the most important 2017 tech trends is more innovative ways to feed the world. We’re excited to see food being one of the 2017 tech trends that will get a lot of attention. We will hopefully see more companies attempting to grow food in labs and automating food production process, along with more much-needed solutions to feeding the world’s ever-growing population.

Which 2017 tech trends are you most excited about? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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