A few years ago, if you remember, Kingston unveiled a 1TB USB flash drive, and the internet went mad. Just when we thought that it could not get any bigger, this week at CES 2017, Kingston topped itself with a brand new 2TB flash drive.

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We are talking about 2TBs of data, something that you find in one of those big external hard drives that require power to run, making this compact 2TB flash drive look very appealing. All that storage space, can now be found in a flash drive. Kingston also made sure to add in all the bells and whistles you would expect from a “super” 2TB flash drive, as the device packs USB 3.1, which offers speeds of up to 5Gbps. The new 2TB flash drive from Kingston is built with a zinc-alloy metal casing for shock resistance. You would hate to drop one of those and it smashes all over the floor.

The flash drives start at $1000 for the 1TB model, and we could see the 2TB flash drive hit a $2000 price point when it releases in February this year.

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