CES might be over, but there was so much that happened at the world’s biggest computer and electronic trade show this year, that we have hardly touched sides on the products. We recently touched on the new range of Samsung QLED displays, the brand new 2TB Kingston USB flash drives, and the levitating LG speaker but what other cool tech came out of the show? Let us take a look at the best CES 2017 home tech to come out of the expo.

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Smart Hairbrush

Just when you thought things could not get any sillier in terms of the home tech products, a smart hair brush is now a thing. Kerastase, one of the biggest hair care companies in the world, and tech company Withings, teamed up with L’Oreal to create what they are calling the world’s first ever smart hairbrush.

Home Tech

The brush has a range of sensors built into it to spot hair damage as you brush your hair. It then gives you feedback via a connected app to how you should go about treating your damage, as well as what products to use to protect your hair. It will even add in a few brushing techniques if you want to toss your stylist out. Expect to pay well over R2 500 for this home tech device when it launches in mid-2017.

Smart Bed

Home Tech

Sleep Number 360 has been the leader in home tech for a while now, and its latest smart bed is bigger and better than last year’s one in every way. The new smart bed is designed to keep your comfortable by reading your body movement while you sleep and automatically adjust your position while you sleep. It also has heating pads in it to warm your feet. Snoring? No problem as this home tech will slowly raise your head with a mechanical motor system to eliminate that. The bed is so quiet and soft, that all its movements are barely noticeable.

LG’s Levitating Speaker

Home Tech

LG’s latest speaker seems like something out of Harry Potter and was one of the most exciting home tech products on display this year. The PJ9 uses electromagnetic technology built into the base of the charger to keep the speaker levitating above the base station. The actual speaker is wireless and has up to 10 hours of battery life. When the batter goes flat, the speaker then slowly lowers back into the base station to charge automatically, and then rises into the air again. The music is never interrupted when it is flat, or lowering into the base station. Pretty cool device if you ask us.

Smart Fridge Camera

Home Tech

It seems that you won’t need to buy a whole new fridge, as the Fridge Cam sits inside your fridge and takes pictures of your contents every time you close the door. It then also scans the barcodes on the contents once daily, so see what is going off and how much you will need to buy. It will keep you up to date all the time using an app, and if you want you can also order the needed items from select stores.


Home Tech

The home tech device features a touch-free design and built-in camera. Every day when you get up, the device will take a picture of your skin and analyze it with a deep examination. It then breaks down the surface-level flaws like complexion, sun damage, and even wrinkles. Once it has done that, it then recommends products and methods to help fix the flaw that has been detected. The home tech device also has an optional extra to it called the HiSkin. This small handheld device connects to the HiMirror and helps evaluate the skin’s moisture, scars, acne, and dark circles. Again, this then gives feedback on how to fix the blemishes.

LG Hub Robot

LG Hub Robot

This cute little robot is LG’s latest competitor to the Google Home range, as well as Amazon’s Alexa. This home tech assistant is more than a pretty face as it listens to your commands and completes them. Tell it to play music and it will, ask it to clean the house and it will turn on the vacuum cleaner, and that will clean the house. It can even turn the oven on to a certain heat to prep for dinner on the way home from work. This home tech robot will give you the weather on a daily basis, or when asked for it, and traffic to and from your daily destinations.

LG Wallpaper TV

Home Tech

A few years back LG unveiled a wonky prototype TV that was as thin as paper and was able to roll up into a poster-like position. Although the company did not manage to create a fordable TV, the paper-thin aspect can now be found in its latest Wallpaper TV range. The OLED display is a measly 2.57mm thin, and for a 65-inch model, that is pretty thin. The idea of the wallpaper TV is to be thin enough to be seen as a window into another wall when it is mounted

The idea of the wallpaper TV is to be thin enough to be seen as a window into another wall when it is mounted onto the wall with magnetic brackets. These brackets create a flush connection with the wall, to eliminate any gap between the wall and the TV. The TV range also makes use of the fiber connection to send all the signal from the soundbar to the TV with one cable. The TV will come in a 65-inch, as well as a 77-inch version. Both models are running the latest WebOS 3.5, and have 4K and HDR home tech built in. Pricing is yet to be revealed.

Which products and new home tech was your favourite at CES 2017?

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