CES 2017 is here, and if you thought that tech was expensive in 2016, just wait and see what the world’s biggest tech trade show has to say for itself in 2017. With the world focusing on better and fancier things, we cannot wait to see what comes out of the show this year. This is what you can expect at CES 2017.

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TVs Galore

CES 2017

As the world focuses on 4K and HDR, we can expect to see lots and lots of new and fancy TVs on display. CES 2017 is probably the biggest TV showcase of the year as the big guys like Sony, Samsung, LG, and Hisense, all unveil their latest and greatest units. CES 2017 is sure to play host to a ton of 4K (Ultra HD) and HDR (High Dynamic Range) TVs. With the PS4 Pro, Xbox Scorpio, and PC gaming all moving towards 4K, the big guys need to bring new 4K units that are both affordable and functional to CES 2017.  We will have to wait and see what goes down.

Home Tech

CES 2017

Home tech is a major part of the industry now as tech companies are working hard to bring your house to life with smart devices everywhere. Last year, we saw Samsung’s Smart Fridge that did all the shopping for you, but this year we think that other manufacturers might be working on similar products to match. Smart vacuums, even enhanced security systems might steal the show. We always love seeing how our homes are becoming something out of the future, and CES 2017 will be the best place to see it all happen.

Wireless Music

CES 2017

We think we can expect to see lots of wireless options from all the major music makers at CES 2017. As Apple has the biggest wireless earphones, the Airpods,  there will no doubt be competition as more products start to seem like a more affordable option. These new affordable earphones will probably be unveiled at CES 2017.


CES 2017

If you thought that 2016 was the year of VR then think again. 2017 is going to be a massive year for the hardware as it becomes more consumer friendly. With the success of PS VR and Oculus Rift, other developers are either working on new and interesting ways to utilize the hardware, or working on new hardware to rival the current VR headsets on the market already. We predict that CES 2017 will be filled with new and interesting VR related tech, both affordable and high-end.

CES 2017 powers up tomorrow, and we will have all the coverage from the event right here. What major tech do you hope comes out of CES 2017? Let us know in the comments below.

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