We love coffee and it doesn’t get any better than Nespresso. The company has established itself as a luxury brand of your favourite beverage, enjoyed in many different and delectable ways. Nespresso stands out even more by being committed to the environment and sustainability, while still providing coffee consumers with a premium product.

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With consumers becoming more and more aware of their social and environmental impacts, Nespresso has taken significant steps to develop ad-hoc recycling schemes and solutions which encourage consumers to recycle. Nespresso introduced its first recycling initiative in Switzerland in 1991.

In South Africa, you’re able to return your used Nespresso coffee capsules for recycling at dedicated collection points. These used Nespresso capsules are then collected by Oricol, a certified environmental service company.


In addition to the recycling of its used capsules Nespresso, in collaboration with the environmental NGO Rainforest Alliance, launched the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Programme in 2003 – its unique coffee sourcing model that enables to secure the supply of the highest quality coffee, while protecting the environment and enhancing farmer welfare.

On top of its already impressive achievements towards reducing its carbon footprint and creating a sustainable system, Nespresso has created a strategy called The Positive Cup. The vision of The Positive Cup is based on the idea that a cup of Nespresso can have a positive impact on the environment and society.

Although Nespresso has made a commitment to the environment, it continues to source an exclusive selection of the finest green coffees from the top coffee-growing regions of the world. Because of Nespresso’s strict coffee selection process and sourcing based on select terroirs, it is estimated that only 1-2%* of the coffee grown globally meets the Nespresso specific taste and aroma profiles, and quality requirements.

If you’re interested in leveling up your coffee game, then Nespresso is truly your only choice. Visit a beautiful boutique store across various locations in South Africa to get yours.

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